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GPS Tracking Laundry

Protect Clothes At Laundromat

When Melissa Duffey went to a local laundromat to dry her clothing she had no idea what events were about to occur. Duffey was not a lower-income individual, but recently her dryer broke and was using a local laundromat to dry her clothes. It was a short-term solution until she researched energy-efficient dryers. However, on one Tuesday afternoon when Duffey traveled to the laundromat to dry a load of clothing, she decided to take the portable GPS tracking system out of her Chevy Blazer. Duffey was going to let a girlfriend borrow the tracking system to track her teen driver, and since she would be going to her house after the laundromat she didn’t want to forget it. When Duffey placed her load of laundry into the laundromat dryer the tracking system she was holding accidentally slipped out of her hand and into the dryer without her noticing. What happened next was one of the oddest stories related to laundry and a tracking system.

What is A Laundromat?

Laundromats are facilities that many individuals will take advantage of in order to wash and dry clothing. Since many people do not have the luxury of having a washer and dryer in their home laundromats provide the solution for many individuals to access clean clothing.

Locating Assets With GPS

Tracking systems are commonly used by consumers to track teen drivers, employees, or maybe a spouse, but what Duffey never anticipated was the tracking system monitoring a load of mostly jeans she was drying. After Duffey placed her load into the dryer and the tracking system that accidentally fell in, she walked across the street to a Rubio’s fish taco restaurant to grab lunch while her clothing was drying. After about 45 minutes had passed, Duffey realized that she misplaced the tracking system she removed from her vehicle. Knowing that the tracking system location could be easily accessed, Duffey called her husband Josh and asked him to give her the location last reported by the tracking system so she could find where the real time GPS tracker was. However, when Duffey’s husband told her that the tracking system was moving along Murrieta Hot Springs Road, a nearby local street, she was confused and thought that maybe the tracking system was not functioning properly. Unfortunately, when she went back to the laundromat to retrieve her dry clothes she realized that someone had stolen her entire load of laundry.

Initially furious that someone would be so arrogant and classless to steal another person’s clothes, Duffey was calmed when she became conscious that the tracking system she had misplaced more than likely fell into the dryer when she was putting her load in. Duffey quickly called her husband back and had him give her the turn-by-turn directions that the tracking system was transmitting every 10 seconds. The tracking system recorded it’s movement all the way to a nearby apartment complex. The GPS tracking system was so accurate that it was able to lead Duffey to the exact apartment number where the last transmitted position was sent from the live GPS tracker. Now that Duffey had all the information she needed she knocked on the door where her GPS tracker and laundry were and was greeted by a young woman. After speaking with the woman and telling her how she came to her apartment, Duffey learned that the girl accidentally grabbed the wrong load, thinking that the clothes she grabbed were hers. The two women headed back to the laundromat and resolved the entire mishap.

The tracking system saved the jeans and the day! Have you ever had a bad experience at a laundromat?

Would you ever use a tracking system for any reason?

Would you feel safe leaving your clothes in a laundromat dryer?

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