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GPS Tracking Laws Canada

Is GPS Tracking Legal In Canada? 

GPS tracking devices are used in Canadian Provinces every single day for everything from law enforcement applications to business fleet tracking where companies track workers for optimization and efficiency. Although the benefits of GPS are clear and obvious, what is not so clear are the GPS tracking laws as they pertain to using a GPS device to secrelty track a vehicle. So if you are wondering about employment law as it relates to the use of tracking devices or the criminal code of Canada’s GPS laws, we are here to help provide you with everything you need to know. Now, let’s dive into the facts about GPS surveillance so you can safely use GPS trackers legally in Canada from British Columbia to Nova Scotia!

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Are GPS Trackers Illegal In Canada? No!

Let’s start with the most obvious question and that is are GPS trackers illegal to use in Canada? The short answer is no! Canadians have every legal right to purchase tracking devices. Now comes the tricky part, and that is going over the proper ways to use a GPS tracker so you don’t violate any personal privacy laws (personal information protection). Let’s look at a few different scenarios in which families and employers use GPS and whether or not the application of GPS technology is legal in Canada

Tracking A Teen Driver: If your teenager is under the age of 18 you can legally equip a tracking device to their vehicle and not have to notify them. 

GPS Monitoring Business Vehicles: Using any form of Global Positioning System for navigation or tracking purposes is legal in Canada. However, before you begin monitoring a personal employee, there could be laws in your province that state you must first notify an employee about such a vehicle tracker before collecting personal information or GPS data. 

Cheating Spouse: Placing a GPS unit inside someone’s vehicle you do not own is illegal. However, in some cases, you might be able to equip a personal GPS tracker on the outside of an automobile as long as you do so on public property and are not using the GPS data for stalking purposes. 

GPS Tracking Employee Laws Canada

So what is considered personal privacy when it comes to workplace surveillance? Sure, we all understand that hidden cameras are pretty much everywhere for security purposes, but what about GPS monitoring technology? Employers use GPS to maximize employee productivity and to safeguard mobile assets from theft, and therefore can legally track work vehicles. Employee information such as how fast they are driving and where they are going is not considered private in a work vehicle. The only caveat is that some provinces have a common law that states employers can use GPS tracking devices on employee vehicles but they must notify those employees about the GPS monitoring before using the devices. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Parent Use A GPS Tracking Device To Monitor A Teen Driver In Canada?

As a concerned parent, you might wonder if GPS tracking is allowed for your teen driver. In Canada, parents can legally use GPS tracking devices to monitor their teenage drivers, provided they own the vehicle and the purpose is for safety and not invading privacy. Please keep in mind, this assumes the teenager is under the age of 18 years old.

Is It Legal To Use GPS Tracking To Catch A Cheating Spouse In Canada?

Do you suspect infidelity and want to use GPS technology to catch a cheating spouse? Be cautious, as privacy laws in Canada might prohibit this. Under the Criminal Code of Canada, unauthorized tracking of someone without their consent could lead to criminal charges. Always consult a legal expert before taking any action.

Can Employers Use GPS Tracking For Monitoring Employees In Canada?

Yes, but with limitations. Employers can use GPS tracking for commercial purposes, such as fleet management, as long as there is a legitimate business reason, employees are informed, and privacy concerns are addressed. Employment law may vary by province, so always consult a local expert.

Are Private Investigators Allowed To Use Hidden GPS Trackers In Canada?

No, not without proper authorization. While GPS technology can be useful for asset tracking and investigative purposes, PI’s must adhere to Canadian laws regarding privacy, data collection, and consent. It’s essential to consult legal professionals before deploying such devices.

What Are The Benefits Of Using GPS Devices For Businesses In Canada?

Yes, there are many benefits. GPS vehicle trackers offer numerous advantages, such as improved fleet management, real-time vehicle tracking, and enhanced asset tracking. Canadian companies can optimize operations, reduce costs, and increase employee safety with GPS systems while respecting privacy laws and adhering to journalistic standards.

GPS tracking laws are always subject to change at the city, province, and federal levels. For that reason, the content found in this article should not be considered legal advice! If you are worried about the legal status and appropriate use of a vehicle tracker please consult a licensed attorney in your area of intended use before investing in any form of electronic surveillance devices 

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