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GPS Tracking Laws In Oregon

GPS Tracking Laws In Oregon – Are Tracking Devices Legal In OR?

If you are thinking about using a GPS device to secretly track a vehicle it is important you first understand GPS tracking laws so you do not violate anyone’s personal privacy and find yourself in jail. First of all, anyone in Oregon can purchase a global positioning system device, but how you use a vehicle tracker will determine if what you are doing is legal or illegal. Let’s take a deeper dive into global positioning system laws and how you can secretly track a car without breaking the law!

GPS Trackers

GPS Tracking In OregonORS 163.715¹

When it comes to geolocation privacy and surveillance, what are the GPS tracking laws in Oregon? Let’s break down the laws and what they mean for you. The unlawful use of a hidden GPS tracker occurs when you place a GPS device onto a motor vehicle without the consent of the owner of the motor vehicle, but there are some very important exceptions!

  1. Police: Law enforcement officers can equip a vehicle tracker to a motor vehicle of any private citizen as long as they follow the proper legal framework beforehand (acquiring a warrant).
  2. Owner Of The Motor Vehicle: Private companies or owners of a personal vehicle can use GPS tracking devices for auto-theft security.

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Is It Illegal To Put A GPS Device On Someone’s Car In Oregon

If you want to use a tracking system to secretly track any individual’s movements it is important you be careful so you don’t violate the person’s Fourth Amendment civil liberties. This starts by never entering the vehicle you wish to track! Also, do not trespass on someone’s private property to equip the vehicle tracking device. That means the only way you can secretly track a vehicle and have a strong criminal defense (if you got caught) is if you 1) placed the tracker on the outside of the vehicle, and 2) and did so on public property. As the Electronic Frontier Foundation wrote, “[You can] attach GPS trackers to cars and individuals enabling precise round-the-clock surveillance”. This is done with the powerful magnet mount that is designed for my tracking systems.

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Illegal Use Of GPS Tracker Penalty Oregon

Unlawful use of electronic devices that utilize the global positioning system is a Class A misdemeanor. However, it becomes a Class C felony if the person using the tracker was previously convicted of stalking as part of the stalking protective orders.

If you are planning to use a vehicle tracking system in Portland, Salem, Eugene, Hillsboro, Gresham, Bend, Medford, or any other city in Oregon it is critical you consult with a licensed attorney beforehand. The information in this article is not legal advice.

Again, the information contained in this article is not legal advice. Please consult a family law, business law, or any local attorney for proper and up-to-date laws regarding GPS tracking.

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