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GPS Tracking Laws Mississippi

GPS Tracking Laws In Mississippi: What Is Legal?

If you believe your wife or husband is cheating then you probably wanted to track the location of their vehicle. Infidelity investigations are common among any private detective company located in Mississippi, but what if you could be your own private investigator? Well, many concerned people are doing just that by investing in GPS tracking devices to catch a cheating spouse. But before you purchase an electronic tracking device for the purpose of tracking a cheating partner let’s first go over GPS tracking laws in Mississippi!

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Mississippi Code For GPS Tracking Devices

If you are involved in a family law situation related to child custody or believe your partner is cheating it is very likely you are considering the use of a GPS tracker to monitor a persons’ vehicle. But what is the Mississippi code for legal use of GPS tracking systems? Let’s take a closer look at some common situations where someone might use a GPS vehicle tracker and discuss whether it is legal or illegal in the state of Mississippi.

  1. You Are The Person Who Owns The Vehicle: If the vehicle was registered in your name or you own the automobile you can legally equip a hidden GPS tracker on it
  2. You Want To Track Your Company Vehicles: Mississippi code allows for companies to use security cameras, alarm systems, and GPS tracking devices to safeguard assets.
  3. You Think Your Spouse Is Cheating And Want To Track Their Car: Federal laws state that you cannot enter a persons’ vehicle as the inside of an automobile is considered private property. However, if the vehicle is parked in public and if you do not enter the vehicle, you can place a hidden GPS tracker underneath the target vehicle. However, if the intent is for domestic violence or anything illegal then that would go against the Mississippi code.
  4. You Are A Licensed Private Investigator: Private detectives hold some of the same privileges as law enforcement agencies in they can legally hide a GPS tracking device on a vehicle.

Can You Record Someone Without Their Consent In Mississippi?

If you are worried your partner might be cheating you might have considered using an audio bug or voice recorder to eavesdrop on secret conversations. First, it is important to recognize that Mississippi is a one-party state when it comes to consent. What that means is if there are more than two people having a conversation it only takes one person to give consent to record the conversation. However, if those conversations are being recorded for the intent of committing a crime – extortion or blackmail- that would be a violation of law in Mississippi. Therefore, your spouse does not have the reasonable expectation of privacy (even with their cell phones) if you want to use a voice recorder instead of a GPS device on a private citizen.

GPS tracking laws in Mississippi are always subject to change so therefore information contained in this article should not be considered legal advice. Please contact a law firm in Jackson, Biloxi, Gulfport, Tupelo or the city you plan on using the tracking device in to get the latest information about the legal and illegal use of GPS trackers.

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