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Is GPS Tracking Legal In Pennsylvania

GPS tracking devices are used for a variety of applications among businesses and consumers throughout Pennsylvania. Maybe a person in Pittsburgh has a desire to track his wife without her knowing because he believes she might be cheating. Or maybe a business in Philadelphia believes a company driver might be taking a company vehicle without authorization. Regardless of the reasons a business or consumer might choose to put a tracking device on someone’s car in Pennsylvania, the critical question is if placing a GPS tracker on a vehicle is legal in Pennsylvania. In order to provide some clarity regarding GPS tracking laws in Pennsylvania, our GPS experts have put together this article to offer some basic information regarding if it is legal to put a GPS tracker on someone’s vehicle in Pennsylvania!

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Is It Illegal To Put a GPS Tracker On Someone’s Car In Pennsylvania?

One of the most frequently asked questions our security experts receive is if it is illegal to put a GPS tracker on someone’s car in Pennsylvania, and the answer: yes and no. For example, if you purchase a GPS tracker and place it inside a vehicle that is not yours then yes that is a misdemeanor in the great state of Pennsylvania. However, there are many shades of grey when it comes to placing a GPS tracker on someone’s vehicles in Pennsylvania. Here are some examples:

  • You can place a GPS tracking device inside or outside of a vehicle you own.
  • Businesses can put GPS trackers on any company vehicles in Pennsylvania. However, if the employee owns that vehicle than the employer must get consent from the employee.
  • It is legal to put a GPS tracker on a vehicle you do not own as long as you a) place the tracker on the outside of a car, and b) equip the GPS tracker under the car on public property. 
  • You can not place a GPS tracking system inside a vehicle you do not own. 
  • You can not place a GPS tracker under a car you do not own if that vehicle is parked on private property.

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Businesses thinking about using a GPS device to secretly track a car should contact an attorney in Pennsylvania as well as the area of intended use to find out the latest news on GPS tracking laws in Pennsylvania. GPS tracking laws in Pennsylvania are constantly evolving to stay relevant with the enhances in technology so it is important that anyone considering using a vehicle tracking device has the most current information on the appropriate legal use of surveillance products. Therefore, this article on GPS tracking laws in Pennsylvania should not be used as legal advice.

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