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Tracking System Records Joyride

Everybody has had to take their vehicle to the auto mechanic at some point or another for either a simple tune-up or a more complex operation. Transmissions, radiators, brakes, there are countless maintenance problems a vehicle can encounter that will require a trained mechanic’s assistance. When a person leaves their vehicle for numerous days at the repair shop, some people wonder if their vehicle is being taken for joyrides by the mechanics working on the automobile. Justin Martens, a San Diego resident, learned firsthand what his mechanic was doing with his vehicle while it was at the shop getting a head-gasket changed because of a GPS tracking system that was installed on his truck.

When Martens dropped off his truck at a local San Diego auto mechanic for a head gasket repair he was a little uncomfortable having to leave his vehicle there for 6 days, but he had no other choice. Martens loved his truck so much that he wanted to do everything he could to protect it, therefore, he took out the best insurance policy available and a GPS tracker installed. The tracking system gave a supplemental form of protection in case the vehicle was ever stolen. The tracking system gave Martens total access to his vehicle’s location at any time, something he wanted more than anything. Accessing the tracking system was easy, all he had to do was enter a personal identification and password on a website and he could see where his truck was and everywhere it had been. However, Martens never would have suspected that the tracking system he had installed to act as a theft-recovery system would record a joyride by his mechanic.

When Martens thought his mechanic was working on his truck in San Diego he was shocked to see the GPS data recorded a 9-hour adventure in Orange County, where the tracking system recorded the vehicle was parked at a bar for hours than at a residential home. Martens believed the mechanic was misusing and unethically traveling in his truck and intended on confronting him.

How To Tell If Your Mechanic Is Lying

After the car repairs were complete the mechanic gave Martens a bill for approximately $1,300.00, and that was when Martens showed him a text report printout of the travel history of his truck that the tracking system provided. The mechanic was dumbfounded and couldn’t give a solid statement or reason behind the unauthorized travel. The mechanic passed the blame to another mechanic who he claimed was fired for numerous reasons. Feeling the pressure from the GPS vehicle tracker evidence, the mechanic chose to give Martens a 50% discount on all auto repairs for the embarrassing situation. Martens never anticipated the GPS vehicle tracker would provide such useful data and hold everyone accountable from, criminals to mechanics.

GPS tracking technology busted the mechanic!

Is My Mechanic Scamming Me

Have you ever suspected of having a mechanic joyride your vehicle?

If you had a tracking system record a joyride by a mechanic how would you handle the situation?

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