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GPS Tracking Medical Equipment


Tracking Systems Provide Protection For Ambulances

GPS Trackers Already Proving Worth In Fight Vs. Theft

ambulanceWest Midlands Ambulance Service, a United Kingdom company specializing in medical transport vehicles, knows all too well about how thieves have a tendency to target ambulances in search for expensive medical equipment. Joe Garcia, a communications manager for the ambulance company, explained that because ambulances are targeted so frequently by thieves West Midlands Ambulance Service chose to attack the problem, equipping GPS tracking systems to company ambulances and other expensive medical gear.

The Benefits Of GPS Tracking

For the Emergency Operation Centre staff, GPS tracking provides an avenue to stay in constant communication with ambulances and their equipment. For example, if a situation ever occurred where it was reported by an ambulance crew member or a good Samaritan that an ambulance was stolen, the medical equipment could easily be tracked down in real-time and the coordinates would then be relayed to law enforcement authorities. Accessing and relaying the GPS vehicle tracking data would take only seconds, allowing control center operators to help the police catch the bad guys in only a short period of time.

Some of the GPS tracking system technology is so advanced that it can still transmit GPS tracking data even if the equipment is turned off or disabled.

Other vehicle tracking system devices some ambulance companies use allow them to essentially “tag” equipment with a covert chip that is detectable by proximity. This form of GPS tracking technology is used to deter criminals at some expensive department stores.

GPS Tracking Pays Dividends

Shortly after West Midlands Ambulance Service began using GPS tracking system technology to monitor equipment and assets the GPS trackers began to show their value. While reporting to an emergency call one day, an ambulance crew were targeted by a thief who entered the ambulance and stole some miscellaneous equipment. The crew quickly alerted Emergency Operation Centre staff who accessed the real-time GPS tracking data and contacted police with that information. The tracking system data allowed the police to easily find and apprehend the suspect.

Source: British News