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GPS Tracking Moving Trucks

GPS Tracker For Moving Truck

Working in the GPS tracking industry I have seen how monitoring technology can improve people’s lives in a variety of ways. Whether it is a small business looking to document mileage for tax season or consumer with a need to verify a teen is driving safely, GPS vehicle tracking units can offer the answer of unknown driving activity. However, I never realized how a tracking device could help me with the moving process until only a few days ago.

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GPS trackersAnyone who has ever moved understands how much of a pain in the butt the process is. Changing your mailing address, setting up utilities, packing boxes, renting a moving truck and then finally the process of actually transporting all of your belongings. The process is time and energy-consuming. What happened with me during my move was that when I picked up a U-Haul truck from a local storage facility in Menifee the person working there walked me to the truck and showed me the gas level, which was at ¾ a tank. I then told her I would be driving 30 miles roughly (They charge 79 cents per mile). After I finished the pain-staking move I returned to the truck to the lot and dropped the key in the drop-off box.

The next morning I receive a phone call from the U-Haul in Menifee stating I exceeded the 30 miles driven, and that I did not fill up the tank to the prior levels. Clearly, this was absolute bulls*** because I had a GPS tracker in the car that documented I drove 28.7 miles, and before I returned the moving truck I filled the tank over the ¾ mark, providing more gas than I was given. The reason the lady working for the company said the gas levels were not the same is that they are allowed to charge your card $30.00 if it is below the line, and rate of $4.00 a gallon. Obviously, they moved the vehicle around the parking lot until it was slightly under the level so they could charge the additional fees, but what they couldn’t do was charge me the extra money related to the moving truck surpassing the 30 miles traveled thanks to the GPS tracking device.

GPS tracking systems have the ability to record mileage to the hundredths of a mile, providing consistent and accurate data that is even recognized by the court of law. Therefore, even though it was obvious that I ran into a little bad luck by choosing a less than professional moving truck company who made it clear they were going to try and take advantage of me, they were unable to show or prove I exceeded the 30 miles driven thanks to the GPS car tracking unit that I used to record my moving day experience.

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