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GPS Tracking Mt. Everest

GPS Tracker Mount Everest

Many trips have been made up of Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world. However, a teenage boy from California will soon be attempting to make history as the youngest individual to climb Mount Everest at the age of 13. The record is currently held by Temba Tsheri from Nepal, who climbed Mount Everest at the age of 15. The Californian teenager and his father have already reached the base camp in China and will soon begin the two-month-long journey up Mount Everest. This young man, Jordan Romero, is an experienced mountaineer and will be recording his journey on a Facebook page and a team blog using his real time GPS tracking unit.

This GPS tracking unit allows others to follow Jordan’s progress on a digital map through the internet. These personal locator beacons work very much like vehicle tracking systems by sending signals out to satellites. The low-level radio signals are used to calculate the exact position of the GPS tracking device, no matter where on the earth it is located. In fact, the top of Mount Everest is being monitored by a GPS tracker as well. This tracker was put in place by an American team in 1999 in order to adjust the height of the highest rock on the mountain if some sort of disaster should alter the height of the peak.

Thanks to live GPS trackers that each member of the team is outfitted with, friends and family back home can feel like they are a part of this history-making journey. These loved ones can take comfort in the steady progress of the climbers as shown through the GPS tracking units.

Mount Everest GPS Coordinates

27.9881° N, 86.9250° E

Jordan and his father have been training seriously for this climb for some time now. Among other things, Jordan jogged with a weighted backpack, dragged a tire by a rope, and slept in a regulated oxygen tent to prepare himself for the thin mountain air. In fact, after climbing Mount Everest, Jordan’s next goal is to climb to the tallest points on every continent. He has already conquered the summits of North America (Mount McKinley, also known as Denali), South America (Aconcagua Mountain), Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, Oceania, (Carstensz Pyramid), and Europe (Mount Elbrus) as well as various other mountains around the world. Mount Everest, located between Tibet and Nepal, is the summit of Asia. Jordan hopes to finish this goal in late 2010 by climbing Mount Vinson in Antarctica.

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