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GPS Tracking Nuclear Scientists

Nuclear Power GPS Tracking

Nuclear Scientists Outfitted With GPS Tracking Systems?

There are very few individuals walking the globe whose intelligence can single handily have an effect on national security. If these people are ever captured or interrogated the information they hold could be in the wrong hands, causing an extremely problematic situation for not only the United States government, but other governments with common interests. The people with these intellectual power are nuclear scientists, and their safety has been brought into the media spotlight after the recent killing of a Dr. Ali-Mohammadi, a high-level nuclear scientist working on the Iranian nuclear program. With his sudden and mysterious killing that occurred right outside the scientist’s front door, some people here are asking that these men of science receive additional security from the federal government. Although no plan is in place at this point in time, should high-level American nuclear scientists be monitored via GPS tracking technology to ensure not only their personal safety but to ensure they are not conspiring against the United States?

National security is something that is taken more seriously now than ever before after the horrific events of 9/11, therefore at what point do we want to ensure the people with the highest level of intelligence surrounding nuclear technology are not only safe but working toward American interests?

It is now very common for salespeople, security guards and more to travel with not only vehicle tracking systems installed to their cars, but also carry GPS personal tracking systems with them everywhere they go. By carrying GPS tracking systems, business owners and supervisors can ensure employee accountability and safety. Therefore, if keeping nuclear technology and proliferation technology away from terrorists and or rouge countries is considered the interest of the government, shouldn’t the people working at high levels of a nuclear power plant be protected via GPS tracking technology?

What measures should the government take, if any, to ensure the protection of nuclear scientists and nuclear proliferation technology?

Is the use of real time GPS tracking system technology a viable solution?

Should the government do anything or is the current system working fine?

Source: Times Online

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