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GPS Trackers To Help Keep Olympic Athletes On Safe Path

GPS Tracking Improves Safety & Security At Olympics

Personal conduct and security of athletes have never been more of a hot stove topic with the recent gun allegations surrounding Washington Wizards star player Gilbert Arenas and with the upcoming Winter Olympics just around the corner. When an athlete makes headlines for unflattering reasons they can unknowingly be putting themselves in harm’s way, making security essential when headlines are dominated by the actions of an athlete, or when a big sporting event is upcoming. This is why more sporting franchises and venues are using GPS tracking technology to protect their greatest assets, the players.

Personal security of players has always been a top priority for many of the world’s sporting franchises including teams that play baseball, soccer, football, rugby, cricket, and more. Security at a sporting venue is usually what most people think of when they ponder athlete security, but the events of gunmen opening fire upon the Togo national soccer team, and in March when approximately 12 gunmen attacked a Sri lanken cricket team bus with rocket grenade launchers has raised even more questions regarding security. The two attacks left people across the globe startled and shocked, but they also shined a spotlight on the importance of athlete security while outside of a sporting venue. It is because of the need to protect athletes while in transit that almost 1000 GPS tracking systems will be used to enhance security at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

The vehicle tracking systems that will be monitoring the movements of limousines and buses shuttling Olympic athletes will transmit real-time GPS tracking information to local police who will be watching the athletes while in transit to ensure safe mobilization and deployment. One tracking system that will be helping law enforcement monitor the movements of athletes will be the SpaceHawk GPS tracker because of the device’s compact size, portability, and real-time tracking capabilities.

Athletes who unknowingly or purposely engage in behavior that could result in unwanted attention or danger will be monitored more closely via GPS tracking devices, providing additional security detail.

Who should pay for the additional security and GPS trackers that media-hungry athletes must have for inappropriate actions and conduct?

Will you be watching the Winter Olympics this year?

Source: The Star