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GPS Tracking Palms

GPS Trackers Help Reduce Palm Tree Theft

Palm trees can add beauty and aesthetic appeal to the front or back yard of any home. Palms, which are typically found in warm weather climates such as Texas, Florida, or California, symbolize a laid back and carefree lifestyle. When most people close their eyes and envision paradise they picture a sandy beach, blue and white foamy waves crashing into the shore, and shade from a palm tree keeping the sunshine away. What many people are unaware of is that palm trees have been increasingly targeted among thieves as valuable goods as the price for a single palm has jumped over the past 5 years. Because of the theft problem many palm tree distributors, growers, and sellers have been turning to real-time GPS tracking system technology to help monitor their inventory of palm trees.

Real-time tracking systems give palm owners easy access to their palms if they are ever stolen. Real-time trackers, such as the SilverCloud GPS tracking system, update every 10 seconds and give users the option to review travel history. GPS tracking system technology is used by various businesses for asset management, theft recovery, and theft prevention.

GPS Tracker For Palm Trees

Palm tree theft is nothing new among law enforcement agencies in Florida or southern California, the two states with the highest number of annually recorded palm tree thefts in the United States. The group that is usually targeted are the palm tree resellers, but that was not the case when a resident of Delray Beach had his 25-foot tall coconut palm tree stolen right out of his front yard. Sylvio Pierre-Louis, the Delray Beach resident, and victim awoke one morning to see his beloved 25-foot coconut palm tree dug up and taken from its resting place on the side of his home. “I couldn’t believe somebody would actually take my palm, I mean that is just crazy!”, stated Louis. He explained to authorities he wish he would have put a tracking system, surveillance system, or some theft prevention mechanism on the tree.

The stolen palm tree was valued at over $500.

Real-Time GPS Tracker For Palm Trees

Assisting Theft Prevention and Theft Recovery

Many palm tree distributors have taken the proactive approach to protecting their most expensive and exotic palm trees by hiding GPS tracking systems in the trees. With 6-8 foot canaries selling for almost $4000.00, equipping a palm tree with a real-time tracking system only makes smart business sense. “A real-time tracking system gives me the ability to find my most expensive palms if they are ever stolen, and I couldn’t imagine not using the GPS tracking technology now”, explained Nate Craig, a palm tree reseller in Temecula, CA.

What are your thoughts on palm trees and GPS tracking system technology?

Would you use a GPS tracking system on a palm or any tree valued at over $5,000.00?

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