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Real-Time Tracking Could Reduce Piracy

The situation on the Indian Ocean seas off the coast of Africa has slowly gotten more out of control as pirates have asserted themselves as the law of the sea. To make things worse, this is not a little problem as the piracy-related business has become a large contributor to the local Somalian economy, which already has a reputation of being one of the weakest and most unstable in the world. Approximately a few weeks ago, a retired couple from the United Kingdom was traveling east towards the Indian Ocean in their lavish yacht in waters frequently inhabited by Somalia pirates when they were kidnapped at gunpoint.

The pirates stole everything off the boat and couple worth any value and released information stating they were in search of a $7 million dollar ransom for the couple’s safe return. The situation was terrifying as the couple were taken to a remote location and held at gunpoint.

As horrible and scary as the story was when it first broke, some people were left asking if the situation could have been prevented. Vehicle tracking devices have been used by boat and yacht owners as theft-recovery systems, and if the British couple had a satellite up-link GPS tracking device the situation may have turned out differently.

GPS Tracking Devices Provide Security

Finding a boat and crew after they have been hijacked by pirates can be extremely difficult and time-consuming, however, vehicle tracking devices that utilize real-time GPS monitoring technology can help rescuers pinpoint a boat and crew in danger so help can be sent. GPS tracking devices can help rescuers save the crew before they are held hostage, and aid military or law enforcement authorities in tracking down the boat’s location.

If the British couple who were kidnapped and held hostage had invested in GPS tracking technology that would have cost $400 for their $7 million dollar boat, rescuers could have helped them sooner. Since the yacht was not equipped with any form of a GPS tracking device rescuers had to anxiously wait for the Somalian pirates to contact them.

Real-Time Tracking Boats

Watercraft theft does not come strictly via piracy, although officials believe that Somalia pirates are still currently holding roughly 200 people captured from stolen water vessel prisoners for ransom. A government report stated that from 2006-2008 approximately 20,000 boat thefts occurred in the United States alone. If each one of those boats had a real-time tracking system monitoring it’s the location they could have all been recovered safely.

GPS tracking technology is extremely beneficial to boat owners because GPS systems not only monitor a boat in case it is stolen, but a GPS tracker will also track a boat as it is in motion. This is helpful for people who had their marine vessels stolen because they can quickly contact law enforcement and relay GPS tracking coordinates to quickly capture the thief.

SilverCloud GPS Trackers For Boats

Boat lovers looking for a real-time tracking system solution to help protect their marine vessel(s) will be happy to learn that the SilverCloud tracking system can provide the additional security needed to help them sleep peacefully as their boat is docked. The SilverCloud tracking system will provide a boat’s location every 10 seconds, making it nearly impossible for a thief to steal a boat undetected.

Thankfully, the British couple was returned safely and unharmed, but the whole situation could have had a much different outcome if the couple from the United Kingdom researched GPS tracking technology before they went off on their adventure.

Next time the couple decides to go on a voyage they should really think about avoiding the African coast, which is known for its marine crime.

Source: The Globe And Mail