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GPS Tracking Prostitution

GPS Tracking Could Protect Prostitutes

Monitoring The Oldest Profession

GPS tracking is used for a number of different and oftentimes strange applications, but for the most part, GPS monitoring is a good thing that enhances the safety of teens, children, the elderly, and employees. However, the best GPS tracking systems that are used to monitor activity in real-time may be used to improve the safety of prostitutes in countries where prostitution is legal.

Regardless of what your personal views towards prostitution may be, there is no intelligent human being who can state that it is okay for a person to be kidnapped, raped, trafficked, or killed, and that is what happens to women prostitutes every single day. In almost every location in the United States, prostitution is illegal, but in many other countries such as France, Germany, Ireland, England, and Canada the practice is legal and somewhat regulated. Unfortunately, when politicians change the laws surrounding prostitution with a quick stroke of the pen that does not necessarily result in greater safety and security for the women who work as prostitutes. Although some research studies have shown that moving girls from the streets to sterile, monitored facilities have increased the personal safety of the women who work as prostitutes, that by no means results in absolute safety. This is where GPS tracking could provide some assistance.

Personal GPS Trackers Help Prostitutes

Obviously, there is no way to 100% guarantee the safety of a person who works in an industry where payment for sexual favors is common, but having total access to the locations of women working as prostitutes could enhance safety. Serial killers and the general creepy portion of the population often prey on prostitutes, oftentimes kidnapping, beating, raping, or even killing women. Stories about prostitutes being murdered or beaten rarely ever make news headlines because most people tend to turn a blind eye to the women working the night, but that does not mean the horrible incidents do not occur and occur frequently. In fact, some countries such as Spain have told prostitutes to wear reflective vests to improve personal safety, but real-time tracking devices may provide a better and more technologically advanced solution. Especially, those trackers with panic buttons.

When a person wears a GPS tracking unit that has the capability to transmit location information, other people will have the ability to remotely monitor movements. Already a popular solution for elderly tracking and child tracking safety, real-time devices would notify the people in charge of prostitution safety the moment a woman leaves a particular area, and where they are going. Tracking systems will also keep historical records of a person’s movements. Some personal trackers even have panic buttons that could send out an alert if the prostitute is in danger.

Nobody should have to fear for their life, and that includes the women who choose or are manipulated into the field of prostitution. In countries where prostitution is legal, safety should be of the utmost concern, and live tracking units can help be part of the solution.

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