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Cab Board Discusses Driver Protection

Nobody should have to fear for their life after they punch in their time-card, but for cab drivers danger is part of the job. Cab drivers work long hours and pick-up essentially anyone looking for a ride, making them targets of robbers and psycho-paths. Always placing taxicab driver protection at the forefront, Manitoba’s Taxi Cab Board will be meeting later this week to discuss what additional measures can be taken to increase driver safety.

The board meeting was sparked because of a recent rise in violent attacks toward cab drivers over the past 2 months. Although almost every cab operating in the Winnipeg area is already equipped with internal security cameras, half-shields, alarms and GPS tracking systems some drivers are still looking for more protection.

Although the board will sit down and discuss additional security measures that may help protect cab drivers, Phil Walding, the general manager of Duffey’s Taxi, feels the meeting is more of a knee-jerk reaction and that there really is not much more that can be done to increase driver protection.

Many drivers are doing other things to reduce their likelihood of being attacked by not driving late at night or into areas that are considered “bad neighborhoods”.

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Source: Winnipeg Sun