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GPS Tracking RTA Buses

GPS Tracking Riverside Transit Agency County Buses

RTA Should Consider Vehicle Tracking Technology

The Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) is an agency that provides cost-effective bus transportation services to people living in western Riverside County in Southern California. Every Riverside county resident is familiar with the blue and white buses and understands the importance of the transportation service to those in lower-income brackets. The RTA receives most of its funding for transportation services from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), meaning that the bus service is funded primarily with taxpayer funds.

Since the RTA receives taxpayer funding, should the transportation agency be required to research how to improve operations from routing to accountability?

Should each RTA vehicle be equipped with a vehicle tracking system to ensure arrival and departure times are not fluctuating?

Should GPS tracking technology be used to record RTA vehicle movements in real-time for routing and accountability purposes?

Where Is The RTA Bus?

GPS Tracking Improves Fleet Management

There is no denying that the services the RTA provides to the Riverside county public are helpful, useful, and important. However, there is also no denying that GPS tracking system technology and vehicle tracking systems can increase any company’s profit margin by improving fleet management, accountability, and mileage documentation. Therefore, the RTA adopting a tracking system program to monitor buses in the field seems like a natural process, especially since the agency receives a great deal of support from federal and state tax funds.

Real-time and passive GPS trackers can provide any company with information related to the time a driver arrived or departed from a particular area if a driver was speeding, routes were driven, and more. The GPS tracking data will help the RTA, or any company with multiple mobile assets operating outside of the office, improve overall transportation operations.

See how other bus operations are using GPS.

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