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Athletic sporting clubs are always doing everything they can to give themselves an edge over their competitors in an effort to achieve the ultimate goal of winning a championship. Winning a championship in any team sport requires good coaching, players, management, and more, but one rugby club also believes it requires good technology. Specifically, GPS tracking technology. According to the Rugby Football League, an English rugby team known as the Bradford Bulls will be analyzing athlete performance in a whole new way by equipping GPS monitoring systems to players in an effort to improve performance, increasing the likelihood of the team earning more wins and potentially a championship.

When a team is on losing skid coaches and owners will do anything possible to revive the competitive spirit and performance of players, and that is exactly why the Bradford Bulls are turning toward tracking system technology. The GPS systems will be used during both training and professional matches to monitor a player’s heart rate and movements on the field.

The club has already used tracking system technology during a previous match and was excited about the information the real time GPS unit provided, and now they are hoping to build off that experience.

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Source: Guardian