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GPS Tracking Schoolyard Bullies


GPS Trackers For School

Sadly, bullying occurs every single day on every single school campus all across the world. Although teachers and school officials do what they can to make school a safe and harassment-free environment, peer pressure and other sociological factors can all contribute to the creation of bullying. Every person at one time or another recalls an incident where someone they knew or themselves was verbally or physically assaulted by a schoolyard bully, and we understand the emotional toll it can have on a child’s fragile and young self-esteem. Even though there have been many protocols set in place by different school districts to handle the issue of bullying, bullying still happens on a daily basis on school campuses everywhere. With many parents and students demanding a school environment free of bullying, some people are suggesting that GPS tracking systems be used to monitor those who have established a pattern of violent bullying behaviors.

The above viral video shows a kid (Casey Heynes) being bullied by a fellow classmate. The classmate verbally assaults young Casey before repeatedly punching Casey in the face and body. A long-time victim of bullies, Casey decided that he was no longer going to take the abuse from his classmate and body-slammed the bully to the ground. Often times this is the end result of bullying, violence, but is there really a place in our society for this type of rage if the situation can be alleviated before things get to a point where they have to become so explosive? This is why many outside-of-the-box thinkers believe tracking systems that use sophisticated satellite technology could provide an answer to the problem of bullying.

How the plan would work is all students would be told if they commit acts that fall under the “bullying category” that they would be forced to wear a GPS tracker that will allow school officials to know where they are at the entire time they are on school grounds. Therefore, if a student notifies a teacher or school official that bullying has occurred that authority figure can do a quick investigation into the situation or incident where they would then determine if the student is accused of bullying should be mandated to wear the tracking device.

Students who are placed under GPS surveillance would also feel the shame of being labeled by peers as a bully. Since many victims of bullying are typically the ones left with the feeling of shame and emotional stress, GPS would help point the shame on the rightful person, the bully.

Clearly, everybody understands the seriousness of the bullying issue and that is why people are doing what they can to invent new strategies and plans to end the problem on schoolyard campuses permanently. With all of the effort and energy put into helping kids deal with bullies, wouldn’t it be easier to engage in a pro-active approach to bullying?

Do you believe that GPS tracking children who have a history of bullying classmates is a good thing that could help lead to the end of bullying?