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Teen Driving: Seatbelt Safety

Buckling Up Can Save Your Life!

The message is said over and over and over again, but for some reason many teen drivers are simply not getting it through their thick heads. The message is simple, wear a seat-belt and you have a much greater chance of walking away and surviving a car accident than if you don’t. Unfortunately, teens are the group most associated with engaging in risk-taking behaviors, resulting in distracted driving habits, speeding and not wearing safety belts. Working for a company that places heavy emphasis on driving safety, providing the vehicle tracking equipment parents and companies utilize to observe driving behaviors, we come in contact with many people in the safe driving industry. What we have found is that we all have the same common goal, to improve driving and road safety for not only inexperienced teen drivers, but for everyone sharing the roadways. This is why we frequently post videos and public service announcements that focus on safe driving and teen safety, as well as the benefits that GPS tracking technology can offer.

We encourage anyone who views the above video to leave a responsible and appropriate comment about their thoughts on seat belt safety. Any personal experiences you may have will also help showcase the fundamental life saving device’s importance in driver safety. Also we highly encourage any parents concerned about teenage driving activity to research the different teen GPS trackers on the market.

Teen Driving Opinion

Do you believe the statistics that teen drivers are much more dangerous on the road than other drivers?

Have you ever been in a car accident, and were you wearing a seat belt when the accident occurred?