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Shipping Businesses Discover Benefits Of GPS Tracking

Shipping businesses know very well the importance of monitoring and protecting precious cargo. Whether a shipping container is marked for domestic or international delivery, there is no denying the advantage a business can have when 24-hour access to the location of that container is available. Having the ability to go online and view where a container is in real-time is vital, especially when a shipping container can hold anywhere between $10,000 to $1,000,000 worth of goods. Understanding the importance of monitoring goods, shipping businesses across the globe are now utilizing GPS tracking system technology to provide the monitoring and security solution for their businesses.

Already being the solution for a variety of different business applications, shipping container tracking technology is now being used by businesses concerned about the potential theft of valuable cargo, and ensuring proper delivery times. Cargo theft costs shipping businesses over $ 25 billion dollars annually, according to an agency dealing specifically with logistics management. Not to mention, many shipping businesses have signed contracts with other companies stating specific and concrete pick-up/drop-off times of cargo, therefore, if shipments are delayed fines can be assessed. With cargo theft prevention and on-time delivery as crucial aspects of the shipping business, GPS tracking technology has never been in greater demand in the shipping industry.

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GPS Tracking Device For Shipments

GPS tracking devices make monitoring shipping containers and theft prevention of cargo simple. The strategy is simple, a shipping business will place a real-time GPS tracker on the shipping container they wish to monitor. The tracking system will transmit the shipping container’s position in real-time and the recorded GPS tracking data can be accessed by the company online at any time. With real-time GPS tracking, a shipping business will always be in communication with cargo containers. Every time a container equipped with a tracking system is moved company supervisors will be notified, making theft of assets a thing of the past.

Shipping businesses will also have a more efficient and accurate way to calculate estimated delivery dates when they use GPS tracking units.

With many criminals viewing the theft of cargo goods as a low-risk, high-reward business, shipping companies concerned about protecting assets need to research the benefits of shipping container GPS tracking technology. When a single container of electronics, computer equipment, or tobacco can result in a million-dollar payoff for criminals the temptation will always be there for the black market crooks.

Shipping and cargo delivery businesses need to be proactive and learn how real-time GPS tracking technology can be the solution for theft prevention and asset management.