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GPS Tracking Shipping Containers

GPS Tracking For Shipping Containers: Preventing Cargo Theft

Are you concerned about the safety of your valuable cargo shipments in the face of the alarming rise in cargo theft? You’re not the only one grappling with this challenge. Shockingly, the FBI reports that cargo theft amounts to nearly $30 billion annually in the United States alone. The question then arises: how can you safeguard your shipments effectively? The answer lies in the innovative use of GPS tracking for shipping containers.

This cutting-edge technology stands as a game-changer in the shipping industry, offering real-time, comprehensive tracking of your cargo. By reading this article, you will gain insights into how GPS tracking not only acts as a deterrent against theft but also significantly boosts operational efficiency. Get ready to explore the multifaceted advantages of GPS tracking and why it’s becoming an indispensable tool for protecting your cargo shipments.

GPS Tracking Shipping Containers

GPS Tracking For Shipping Containers – The Easy 5-Step Process

GPS tracking for shipping containers employs satellites to relay precise location data. Containers are equipped with GPS devices, constantly transmitting their whereabouts. This real-time monitoring is key for deterring theft and ensuring cargo safety. The system uses cellular and satellite networks for data transfer. Users access this information through secure online platforms. Instant alerts are sent for unexpected container movements. Geofencing technology establishes virtual perimeters for additional security. This setup also aids in optimizing routes, reducing delays, and improving delivery schedules. Essentially, GPS tracking is a comprehensive solution for safeguarding shipping containers.

  1. Device Setup and Activation. Install GPS devices on shipping containers and activate them for satellite communication.
  2. Continuous Tracking and Data Transmission. These devices continuously track container locations and transmit this data via cellular and satellite networks.
  3. Access and Monitoring. Users access real-time location data through a secure online platform, enabling constant monitoring of the containers.
  4. Alerts and Geofencing. Receive instant alerts for any unauthorized movement or geofence breaches, enhancing security measures.
  5. Route Optimization and Operational Improvement. Utilize GPS data for efficient route planning, reducing delays, and improving overall operational efficiency in shipping.

Best GPS Tracking Device For Shipping Containers

Best For Buyers On A Budget

Tracki Mini Portable GPS

  • Global Coverage. Full USA and worldwide tracking, includes international SIM for diverse tracking needs.

  • Real-Time Alerts. Receive SOS, speed, and movement alerts via push, SMS, or email; create and monitor geo-fences.

  • Durable and Easy Setup. User-friendly design, works out of the box without complex installation.


The Oyster GPS tracking device is a location monitoring tool specifically designed for tracking shipping containers and valuable cargo assets. When considering this device over alternatives, especially those at a lower price point, it’s important to assess its distinctive features and specifications.

Key Features:

  • Long Battery Life: Powered by three AA Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries, offering up to five years of operation with one daily location update.
  • Versatile Tracking: Capable of updating location every five minutes when in motion and once a day when stationary.
  • Recovery Mode: Provides more frequent updates, useful for tracking in critical situations.
  • Instant Alerts: Sends notifications via text or email when cargo moves or enters/exits a geofenced area.
  • Wide Coverage: Supports 4G and 5G Cat-M1 Towers, ensuring connectivity in the US, Canada, and Mexico.
  • Rugged Design: Comes in a waterproof casing with an IP67 rating, making it suitable for harsh environmental conditions.


  • Size and Weight: Compact and lightweight, easy to install on various cargo assets.
  • Network Compatibility: Operates on both 4G and 5G networks for broader coverage.
  • Durability: Waterproof and dustproof with an IP67 rating.

When buying a GPS tracker or shipping containers, consider these features alongside your specific tracking needs, budget constraints, and the potential long-term benefits of investing in a reliable tracking solution. The price of the Oyster GPS tracking device, while potentially higher than some alternatives, reflects its extended battery life, robust build, and comprehensive coverage capabilities.

How Bad Is Cargo Theft – A Look Into The Stats

Shipping Container

Navigating the world of cargo shipping involves understanding the risks associated with cargo theft. These quick facts shine a light on the extent of this problem, revealing what is most commonly stolen, where thefts tend to occur, and just how significant these losses can be. Get informed and stay ahead with these crucial statistics:

  • According to the FBI, the average value of goods stolen per cargo theft incident in the U.S. is approximately $214,000.
  • Food and beverages are the most targeted goods, accounting for nearly 20% of all cargo thefts.
  • Electronics make up the second most stolen goods, constituting around 15% of total cargo thefts.
  • The states most targeted for cargo theft are California, Texas, and Florida, which together account for over 60% of all reported incidents in the U.S.
  • Warehouses and truck stops are the most common places for cargo theft, with around 50% of thefts occurring at these locations.
  • Approximately $15-30 billion is lost annually in the U.S. due to cargo theft, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.
  • Less than 20% of stolen cargo is ever recovered, making prevention crucial in cargo management.
  • Thefts tend to spike around holidays, with notable increases around Thanksgiving and the 4th of July.
  • Global losses from cargo theft reached a staggering $22 billion in 2021, according to BSI’s annual Global Supply Chain Intelligence report.

GPS Tracking Device For Shipments

GPS Tracking Device For Shipping Containers

Imagine how simple it becomes to monitor shipping containers and prevent cargo theft with GPS tracking devices. Picture this – you run a shipping business, and you want to keep a close eye on your containers. You attach a real-time GPS tracker to each container you wish to monitor.

This tracking system consistently beams back the container’s location data. You can access this real-time GPS tracking data online, anytime you want. It’s as if you’re in constant communication with your cargo containers.

Every time one of your GPS-equipped containers moves, you receive a notification. Imagine the peace of mind this brings. Asset theft? That’s a concern of the past.

Think about the precision and efficiency GPS tracking units add to your operations. You’re able to calculate estimated delivery dates with a new level of accuracy.

But let’s face it. Some criminals see cargo theft as a low-risk, high-reward endeavor. When a single container can contain a million-dollar payout in electronics or tobacco, the temptation for black market crooks is hard to ignore. Here are additional benefits of how real-time GPS tracking technology can be your solution for theft prevention and asset management:

  • Enhanced Asset Management: GPS asset trackers provide real-time location information for both powered and unpowered assets. This visibility enhances your ability to monitor specific containers and manage your fleet effectively.
  • Advanced Features: Incorporating technologies such as a Bluetooth gateway, temperature sensors, and IoT systems, these tracking devices offer more than just basic functions. They bring smart container capabilities, improving shipment tracking and ensuring the safety of the cargo.
  • User-Friendly Interface: With developer API and API integration, you can easily incorporate GPS tracking into your current operations. The tracking dashboard and container tracking software provide a user-friendly interface for quick access to data.
  • Adaptable to Increased Demand: As your business grows, these GPS container tracking solutions scale with your needs. They support additional features like trailer tracking, vehicle tracking, and chassis tracking to meet the increased demand in your operations

Learn more about trackers that work internationally!

GPS Tracking Shipping Containers – Frequently Asked Questions

Do GPS Container Tracking Systems Work Anywhere In The World?

Yes, most GPS container tracking systems utilize a cellular network to transmit location data, ensuring global coverage. In some cases, the container GPS can record location data, but can’t transmit it until the ship is in cellular coverage. However, it’s essential to confirm that your specific tracking solution offers both global coverage and satellite tracking.

Can GPS Tracking Devices Help Reduce Costs In The Shipping Industry?

Absolutely! GPS tracking devices for shipping containers contribute to operational efficiency, enabling route optimization and better utilization of resources. This helps reduce costs associated with fuel consumption, insurance premiums, and asset recovery.

Are There Any IoT Sensors Available For Shipping Container Tracking?

Yes, IoT sensors are increasingly popular in the shipping industry. These sensors, such as temperature and humidity sensors, provide real-time environmental monitoring. Why is this important? Because it can help ensure cargo security and allow for better decision-making to protect sensitive goods!

How Can GPS Tracking Shipping Containers Improve Customer Experience?

With asset tracking systems, customers receive accurate information about the location and status of their shipments. This transparency allows them to make better-informed decisions and provides an enhanced customer experience with your service.

Can Container Tracking Technologies Offer More Than Just Location Tracking?

Definitely! Advanced container tracking technologies can provide valuable insights, such as dwell times and ETA predictions. This GPS data helps improve scheduling and overall efficiency in the shipping process!

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