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GPS Tracking Skateboarders

Skate Tour Uses GPS Tracking

From an offbeat hobby of Southern California surfers in the 1970s to a global sport attracting skilled athletes and hobbyists alike, skateboarding has long symbolized youth counter-culture. This revolution, once exclusive to the ocean and concrete waves, is now within everyone’s reach. For as little as $50, anyone can buy a board and learn to ride. In a bold move to thrust skateboarding further into mainstream consciousness, the skate company Volcom has harnessed the power of GPS tracking technology to promote a recent Southern California skate tour. Ready to witness this groundbreaking fusion of technology and culture?

GPS Tracker For Skateboard Tour

Are you familiar with the usual skate tours? They typically promote every skate park that the professionals will visit. That way, fans can pinpoint exactly when their favorite skaters will roll into town. Seems straightforward, right?

Yet, Volcom, home to some out-of-the-box thinkers, decided to shake things up for a tour named simply the TOUR. This brief journey from Los Angeles to San Diego was to be promoted in an unconventional way – by attaching a vehicle tracking system to the tour bus carrying the skate pros. You’re probably wondering, why?

Volcom wanted this tour to be about spontaneity. They equipped the tour bus with a live tracker, like the SpaceHawk GPS, enabling anyone to track the skaters’ movements in real-time. On-the-spot decisions determined which skate parks throughout San Diego and Los Angeles they would visit. Fans could then log onto the Volcom website to see where the pros would be skating that day. Exciting, right?

With famous skaters like Louie Lopez, Aaron Suski, and Brandon Westgate onboard, the week-long tour has been deemed a success. But what does a fleet management expert at Tracking System Direct think about using GPS monitoring to promote a skate tour?

He believes that skateboarding is deeply woven into Southern California’s culture and lifestyle. By marrying unique marketing with live GPS tracking, Volcom was able to draw more attention and spectators to an already cool sport. This shows us something, doesn’t it? The uses for GPS trackers truly have no boundaries!

Will Volcom use GPS devices to promote future tours? Unfortunately, they haven’t released any information on that. Stay tuned to find out!

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