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With many Midwest states being in the middle of tornado season, a time period where a mixture of hot and cold weather conditions provide the essential building blocks of twister weather, storm chasers from all over the United States are packing up their belongings and heading right into the danger zone. When the most severe weather conditions Mother Nature has to offer make most normal and sane-minded people run for their basements or shelter, storm chasers run right into the line of fire. Storm chasers have one goal, and that is to document and record the events of tornadoes and other storms for research and scientific purposes. Although most people would say that storm chasers are absolutely crazy for doing the things that they do, as long as storm chasers are armed with the latest technological gadgets and gizmos, such as GPS tracking devices, they will always have some safety net if things get too hairy.

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GPS tracking devices, documentation tools, communication tools, weather instruments, and weather monitoring products are all items that storm chasers rely on to guide them to the tornadoes and get them out if things get a little out of control. Although the job description takes a great deal of intestinal fortitude, being a storm chaser also requires a great deal of intelligence. The men and women who chase storms may be taking risks, but those risks are calculated. Storm chasers are armed with sophisticated equipment that will inform them of weather patterns and conditions that are present so they can have a gauge on how severe or weak a storm may be. However, one of the tools most used by teams of storm chasers is GPS tracking systems.

GPS tracking system technology allows a team of storm chasers to know the precise location of where each other are at in real-time. These GPS trackers can also assist in navigation, routing, dispatching, and recording. With sophisticated mapping programs, even passive monitoring units like the Driving Activity Reporter and Flashback GPS tracker can be utilized to record the routes of storm chasers, showing the path of storms and the storm chasers.

Storm chasers may have one of the more dangerous occupations known to man, but the research and knowledge we gain from their resilience are what allows to learn more about twisters. Through the use of vehicle tracking devices, weather monitoring equipment, and other GPS tracking tools, hopefully, we will learn enough about tornadoes to hopefully one day be able to prevent the mighty twisters from all the damage they cause.