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GPS Tracking Surfers

GPS Tracker Records How Fast Surfers Move On Waves

Surf Competition Goes High-Tech

Finding a person who does not enjoy sitting on the beach and watching beautiful blue ocean waves with white foam caps crash upon the shore is difficult, and that is why it is such an easy sell to get people to come to surf events. Although surfing is considered a way of life for most individuals, it is classified by most sports junkies as simply another extreme sport, along with motocross, snowboarding, and skateboarding. With surfing there are elements of athleticism and artistry, making the sport very unique and unlike other sports that fall under the “extreme” category. Although the history of surfing has origins dating back hundreds of years, the sport is now going high-tech as GPS tracking system technology will help calculate and determine the rate of speed surfers are traveling during at least one Quiksilver Pro tournament.

How GPS Will Be Used At Surf Events

At first glance, it may seem strange that the technology commonly used for fleet management and vehicle tracking applications would be used for an application related to surfing. However, more and more people are becoming statistics junkies when it comes to all sports. Fans want to know how fast a hockey player can hit a slap shot or how hard a pitcher can throw. They want information about the athletes who dominate their sport. By placing a small GPS tracker inside the rash-guard worn by surfers, officials will then use satellite tracking technology to determine with precision and concrete accuracy how fast a surfer rides the line, drops into a huge wave, and more.

“As a fan of surfing, I think this is an absolutely great way to showcase exactly how athletic and amazing surfing professionals are at their craft”, explained a GPS expert from Tracking System Direct (TSD). “Having headquarters in Southern California exposes us to the sport of surfing more so than most people in the country outside of Hawaii, and anything that can better capture how talented these guys are is a positive thing.”

TSD was unable to discover whether the GPS data gathered at select surfing events would be in the form of passive or real-time technology, or in what ways the data would be accessible to surfing fans.

Source: Transworld Surf

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