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GPS Tracking System Cracks International Truck Theft Operation


GPS Tracking Systems Assist Houston Police

Three men living in the Houston, Texas¬†were convicted today for their roles in an international truck stealing operation that resulted in the theft of hundreds of thousands dollars worth of equipment. The men’s operation was detailed and complex, but with the assistance of GPS tracking systems they’re now in jail and will be staying their for a long time.

Yuri David Melendez, the architect of the truck stealing operation, would communicate with co-conspirators in Central America who would request variations of heavy equipment, ranging from tractor trailers, trucks, tankers, and more. After Melendez would steal the trucks from local construction and job sites he would have his co-conspirators ship the equipment to Central America where they would be resold for tens of thousands of dollars. United States District Attorney Tim Johnson explained that the operation was complex and involved at least 15 people over the 8 years Melendez was orchestrating the criminal racket. “Who knows how many hundreds of vehicles Melendez was able to successfully steal and transport into Mexico and throughout Central America”, stated Johnson.

If people would have exercised more precaution and outfitted their expensive vehicular equipment with GPS tracking systems, or any credible vehicle tracking device Melendez may have been brought to justice sooner.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems Reduce Theft

Construction and heavy machinery equipment can be very costly for any business, therefore, many companies take out additional insurance policies on equipment and sometimes take supplementary security measures. Those supplementary security measures come in the form of GPS vehicle tracking systems. Vehicle tracking systems allow a boss to always know where his or her equipment is at anytime, day or night, giving him more control over asset management. The FBI has even been on the record stating that the recent reduction in car theft can be directly contributed to the growing number of GPS tracking systems in use among citizens and businesses.

How the Tracking System Caught the Crook

When Melendez’s goons cut through a chain-link fence and broke into the property of the Colorado Oil Company in Sealy, Texas they only had one intention, and that was to steal Colorado Oil Company trucks. After they broke into the facility and stole 2 trucks, the men probably believed they successfully completed another heist. What they did not know when they were driving away was the GPS truck tracking devices installed to the stolen trucks that were monitoring their every move.

The GPS vehicle trackers would end their international truck-theft operation

When Colorado Oil Company employees noticed that the equipment was missing they moved fast and pulled up the locations of the missing vehicles online thanks to the GPS fleet tracking devices. After the GPS tracking data confirmed that the trucks were in fact stolen, the employees contacted the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and the officers were able to follow the tracking system data and quickly apprehend the criminals. “Catching Victor Garcia and Orlando Huerta, Melendez’s two goons who stole the trucks, was very easy thanks to the assistance of the GPS tracker”, stated a DPS officer.

GPS Tracking System Leads to Happy Ending

When a Colorado Oil Company executive was asked about the theft and how the GPS vehicle tracking systems saved the day he responded with, “We were aware of the many positive benefits that GPS tracking systems could provide our company and that is why we invested in the vehicle tracking technology”.

Sentencing for the men is expected to conclude by the end of the year.

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