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GPS Tracking System Creates Art

GPS Data Used For Art Creation

Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Piccaso could have never imagined how a small piece of technology could record everywhere a motorist has driven, but they would probably be more shocked to know that small piece of technology known as a GPS tracking system was instrumental in the creation of art. Thomas Hunt, a art lover living in the Los Angeles area, explained that art can be beautiful or simply something different and unique that no one has ever seen before, and that is exactly what the GPS tracker-influenced art is, unique. “The concept behind Mr. Beck’s sculptures is interesting because he took a scientific approach of calculating and organizing travel data using a GPS tracking device and then created a sculpture based upon the unique data”, expressed Hunt.

How GPS Data Data Became Art

David Beck was always interested in art history and the creation of art ever since he could remember. “Art has always been my passion and it has carried me into a career in teaching”, stated Beck. One day when Beck was working as an assistant professor at Clarkson University he developed a concept that would bring science and art together, and what would bridge the gap was a GPS tracking system.

Beck’s idea was to monitor some friends and colleagues using GPS trackers and then plug that data into a 3D digital modeling program to essentially bring the data to life. “I recorded the movements of some friends using GPS trackers, and what I learned is that people, like animals, follow routines and rarely leave their inhabiting areas”, Beck said. His main goal of the GPS tracking art was to create something atypical and unique that would have people asking questions. When asked about the GPS art, Beck humbly expressed how lucky he was to work for a university that would allow him to cultivate and create abnormal art that metastasized from science and art.

The GPS tracking art is currently on display in Madison, Wisconsin at the Overture Center of the Arts.

GPS Tracking Art or Nonsense?

Artists find it more difficult to be successful now than in any other time in history to create a name for themselves and be successful because of competition. Because of this problem many artists today simply strive to create works that are abnormal and unique. Whether an artist is peppering a landscape full of yellow umbrellas, or shaping sculptures from GPS tracking system data, is the end result the creation of art?

Would you purchase a sculpture that was designed from GPS tracking system data?

Are the sculptures that were created from the GPS tracking data art?

Source: Clarkson