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GPS Tracking System Provides Lead in Arson Case

GPS Assists State Police In Arson Case

When state police obtained a warrant and then equipped a GPS tracking system upon Michael Dreslinski’s Ford pickup truck they had a strong suspicion that he was engaging in some form of illegal behavior. What the GPS tracking data would reveal in less than 10 days was something they could have never anticipated.

Initially, the local authorities wanted to monitor Dreslinksi’s activities because of a pattern of behavior that suggested to many citizens and law enforcement that he was involved in some sort of criminal activity. As a string of unsolved fires were burning down properties such as a bungalow in the Florida, Massachusetts region, the Sawyer house in Sterling, Massachusetts, and more, the tracking device state police placed on Dreslinksi’s vehicle was silently and accurately recording. When the state police retrieved the GPS tracker and accessed the data what they discovered was Mr. Dreslinksi’s truck was at or near the location of four fires before the blazes began.

The vehicle tracking data, which used GPS tracking technology to record the information, suggested to the authorities that Dreslinksi was the arsonist who was responsible for causing all the property damage and destruction of the Sawyer house, the birthplace of Mary Elizabeth, the creator of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”.

Evidence Begins to Gather Thanks to GPS Tracking Data

The vehicle tracking data provided authorities with the knowledge that Dreslinksi was at or near the scene of all 4 arson fires. Once the GPS vehicle tracker data was recovered authorities then had an easy time acquiring a warrant to search Dreslinksi’s residence where additional evidence was gathered. At Dreslinksi’s residence, a railroad lock that was missing from the scene of one of the fires was found, reinforcing the prosecution’s case.

Dreslinksi, and another accomplice, are currently being charged with crimes ranging from property damage to multiple counts of arson.

The prosecution is trying the two men separately.

The Reliability of GPS Tracking is Questioned by Defense

Sean McGinty, the defense attorney for Dreslinksi, has strongly emphasized that GPS data logger information is not 100% reliable and that the technology does have shortcomings. McGinty stated that without more physical evidence or any eyewitnesses how can the prosecution be so confident that the real criminals are captured?

The trial is scheduled to start today and it is anticipated that it will conclude in a few short weeks.


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