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GPS Tracking Relationship Story

tracking-key-Johanna, whose friends call her Joey, was married to her husband for approximately 3 years before she began getting suspicious about her husband having to work later and later hours and on the weekends doing side jobs. Her husband was a self-employed carpenter who normally worked 40 hours a week and the occasional weekend, but when 40 hours turned into 60 hours, and the weekend work went from occasional to consistent, she began to think. She asked herself if all the reality television shows and desperate housewives-type programs may have fueled her paranoia, but then thought to herself “Trust and verify”. After seeing popular criminal investigative television shows where police and detectives used GPS tracking systems or other spy gadgets to solve crimes, she began to think that the same technology could also aid her in her own personal investigative work.

Suspicious that her husband might be having an affair, she decided to do some research on the latest spy gadgets that were available to either curb or confirm or thoughts. After researching popular technology sites and other e-commerce sites that offer GPS tracking technology and surveillance type spy gadgets, she decided that the best tools to help her uncover the unknown behaviors of her husband were a GPS tracking devices and a surveillance camera. Believing there might be a remote chance that infidelity loomed in her young marriage, Johanna was first introduced to real-time GPS tracking systems and passive GPS tracking technology.

Active Live GPS Trackers

After researching some real-time GPS trackers, Johanna realized that as wonderful as the GPS vehicle trackers sounded because of all the unique features real-time GPS tracking provided, purchasing a device for around $400 may draw red flags. Her husband had access to their joint bank account and a $400 purchase for the vehicle tracking unit, plus an activation fee and monthly service fee could make her husband inquisitive about the purchase. As much as she wanted to catch him red-handed via real-time GPS technology, so to speak, simply catching him was all that was important. That is when Johanna began researching passive GPS tracking devices.

Passive GPS Tracking Systems

After a few simple Google searches for GPS tracking devices, Johanna discovered a perfect little spy gadget around $169 with no monthly fees. The GPS Tracking Key was what the unit was called and using the device was simple. Place batteries in it, place it inside or outside of the vehicle, and then when she wanted to review the information all she had to do was take the little spy gadget off and connect it to her computer. Cheap and easy, the GPS data logger was the solution she was looking for.

Hidden Camera

Johanna had her GPS tracker ready for use on her husband’s F-250 pickup truck but she wanted to acquire one more spy gadget to help her in her quest for truth. Johanna heard about hidden cameras in the form of plants, teddy bears, etc and thought this may give her a visual confirmation of her suspicions. Once again, she took her search online, the same way she found her GPS tracking system and found a hidden camera in the form of tissue box. Now it was time to put the plan into action.

The Spy Gadgets Play

While her husband was working, Johanna set-up the surveillance camera in their living room and awaited his return. Once he came home late, again, and went to bed she had the opportunity to attach the GPS tracking system to his truck. She grabbed her bathrobe, went outside, and simply put the GPS tracker under his truck. The little spy gadget was easy to attach with its powerful magnetic mount. Now all she had to do was wait a few days or so to review the data.

After about 2 weeks had passed, Johanna reviewed her surveillance camera with no results. It was clear that if her husband was fooling around he was not doing it in their home. That left the GPS tracking system as her last chance. When she removed the GPS tracker from his truck she found that he actually was at the job site for most of the time. However, every Sunday and Monday he would go to one residential address every night until around 10p.m. Johanna was shocked when the data from the GPS car tracker showed this. She was certain that this was his mistress’s house. The spy gadget wouldn’t lie? It was state-of-the-art GPS tracking technology, and the data was concrete. Now she was going to bust him.

The Confrontation

With GPS tracking providing irrefutable evidence that he was frequenting one location multiple times a week for long durations of time, Johanna was convinced the investment she made in the spy gadgets paid dividends.  When Sunday night rolled around and her husband said he had to work on another side job, she simply said, “okay, have fun!” and let him run out the door. This time there was no need for a GPS tracking system, surveillance camera, or any other spy gadgets. She waited an hour then drove to the address that the GPS tracker provided.

Once she pulled up to the house that the GPS tracking system identified as her husband’s “side job”, she could easily see that no work was being done and his truck was parked right near the house. She sneaked into the house through the backdoor, hoping to catch him and his new lover in some type of sexual situation. When she walked in it was quiet, very quiet. Then when she peeked around the corner into the living room area she saw her husband, and what she saw was something she never expected.

She saw her husband and 7 other men and they were all watching a Los Angeles Chargers game and playing fantasy football. This was his mistress; 7 smelly, overweight guys all playing fantasy football together. She was relieved but still upset that he had lied to her. She quickly left the house and drove home confused about the entire situation.

When she arrived at home she sat in her chair holding the GPS tracking system that answered all the unknown questions she once had. The spy gadgets gave her truth and there is no price tag you can put on truth. Although the GPS tracker did not explain what he was doing, the little spy gadget did provide informative data that she probably would have never been able to access herself.

When Johanna thought about her husband wasting all that time playing football she decided to leave him anyway.

Anyone who believes their vehicle is being tracked illegally or who has asked, “how do you tell if there is a tracker on your car” should take those concerns very seriously! That means doing a complete scan of the vehicle in question and contacting police so they can conduct a more comprehensive investigation into the situation,