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One of the most trusted and reliable postal and messenger companies over the past century has been UPS. Dating back all the way to 1907, UPS has built a reputation on quality customer service, and an ability to get the job done. That recipe for success is what has transformed UPS into a small messenger company into a multi-billion dollar corporation that meets the commerce demands of businesses in over 200 countries all across the globe. UPS enables people to monitor their shipped packages through a process that involves using an online tracking number, but could the use of real time GPS tracking devices provide another layer of customer service as well as improved fleet management & safety?

Tracking UPS Delivery Vehicles

Truck GPS trackers can help companies such as UPS in two ways. First, allowing the global shipping company a way of observing drivers to ensure safe driving activity, and second a way to allow customers a real-time look at where their packages are. Vehicle and fleet management sits at the top of the priority list for companies such as UPS, a company that estimates show has approximately 100,000 vehicles operating on the ground, because if drivers do not utilize fuel economy strategies the cost to the company can be cumulatively in the hundreds of millions of dollars annually! One of the ways motorists excessively burn through fuel and increase the odds of becoming involved in a traffic accident is through speeding. However, through the use of GPS tracking systems, businesses can closely observe driving behaviors for speeding, and can even receive digital notification via email or cell SMS message if a driver is driving over a speed a fleet manager feels is safe.

Over the past couple of years there has been increased discussions and uses surrounding the concept of public tracking. Public tracking basically is something that transportation and delivery companies can utilize to allows customers to view company vehicles online via a web-based mapping program in real-time. With the assistance of GPS trackers for business, delivery service-based businesses such as UPS can place mapping programs on their company website that allows customers to see the exact location of their package! Public tracking would allow a person with a tracking number to see not only where a package has been, but where that delivery truck is in their hometown!

How many times have you missed a package and had to wait until 5:00p.m. to pick-up your parcel at the facility of your package courier? With public tracking, people can actually discover where that truck is on their delivery route and meet the driver/truck carrying their package!

Although pubic tracking is still a new concept, there is no denying the importance of road safety because it affects every single person who drives on the roadways and highways. At the bare minimum, real-time tracking units such as the SilverCloud can at least improve driver safety, and that is something that can reduce car accidents such as the one depicted in the above video. At the end of the day it is all about safety, and personal tracking systems offer that layer of security/protection.