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GPS Tracking Systems Help End Prostitution Ring

GPS Tracking Systems Assist FBI Agents

GPS Tracking Systems Help in Prostitution and Human Trafficking Case

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents’ hard work paid dividends this month when 3 of the 9 men arrested on various charges related to human trafficking and harboring illegal aliens for the purpose of using women for prostitution received sentencing for their crimes. The 3 Chinese men who received sentences ranging from 24-33 months will be deported to their native country after they serve out their prison terms. The FBI spent over 21 months compiling and collecting evidence against the group of Chinese men engaging in human trafficking and forcing women into prostitution, but it was a GPS tracking system that was able to provide the concrete evidence needed to put the criminals in prison.

Suspicions about the human trafficking and prostitution ring arose in early 2004 when the Eastside Narcotics Task Force busted up a spa outside of Seattle in a city called Bellevue, WA that was a front for a prostitution house. Two of the men who were involved in the human trafficking and prostitution case were also involved in the prostitution house in Bellevue. Learning from the first incident, the two men began speaking in code about the illegal activities, referring to the Asian women as ethnic foods, but speaking in code couldn’t fool the GPS tracker systems that were recording everything the criminals were doing.

How the GPS Tracking Systems Assisted Federal Agents

When federal agents placed GPS trackers upon the vehicles of the suspected criminals they were unsure of what the data reveal. The GPS tracking systems documented the men making frequent trips across the Canadian border where the men would smuggle in the women. The women would be shipped into Canada in containers then forced to work in brothels or spas as prostitutes to try and pay for their freedom. The GPS tracking systems allowed authorities to monitor every location the men would travel, helping them build a solid case against them.

The Assistant United States Attorney prosecuting the case asked for a heavy sentence to be placed upon the men because of a habitual pattern of abusing and exploiting women by forcing them into a life of prostitution.

Source: FBI