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Akron, Ohio is known for either being a suburb of neighboring Cleveland, a city with boom-town industrial roots, or the home of NBA superstar LeBron James. Unfortunately for the city of Akron, the steel, rubber, and plastic industries all faded away, and LeBron James picked up his talent and took it to South Beach, leaving the Midwest region with high unemployment and no superstar. However, through the use of GPS tracking technology, the city of Akron could rebound back.

Akron has a long and rich history of being one of the economic hubs in the Ohio region. In the 1800s, Akron becomes well known for oats production and distribution, eventually leading to the creation of the Quaker Oats Company. Although Quaker Oats Company is one of the more household name companies consumers are familiar with it was not the primary economic driving force of the Ohio city. What really made the city of Akron evolve from a town into a major metropolitan city was the rubber industry.

In the early portion of the 1900s, the city of Akron became the birthplace of what was to be known as the American Trucking Industry. Successful companies such as Goodrich Corporation, Goodyear Tire & Rubber, and Firestone Tire all made set-up headquarters in Akron, making the city become the rubber capital of Ohio then the United States. With the help of a booming local economy and residential growth, Akron became one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States for a long stretch of time. Unfortunately, the rubber companies would leave and the local economy would crash, leaving Akron in a recession-type environment for many years.

Today, the city of Akron continues to be affected by the global recession, struggling to create a job-friendly economic environment. Although things do not look like they will be significantly improving in the short term, GPS fleet tracking may be able to modernize and boost transportation efficiency in the area.

Having an effective public and private transportation network is a key component to having a successful tourism industry. Although tourism only results in a marginal percentage of the city’s annual revenue, people often travel to Akron to visit the Akron Civic Theatre, Canal Park, Derby Downs, National Hamburger Festival, and more. When it comes to boosting vehicle management and transportation efficiency, nothing gets the job done better than GPS vehicle tracking systems.

Business GPS trackers would allow the city of Akron to know where every city vehicle is located, where they have been and the routes they traveled, making it easy to observe the efficiency of city vehicles. Through the use of vehicle tracking solutions, taxicab companies could focus on route management and fleet efficiency, bus companies could make certain all routes/stops are being made, snowplows are cleaning every city street and police cruisers could be better networked and connected. This data could even be shared with passengers, riders, and other customers of transportation businesses through the advancement of ShareSpot technology offered by real-time monitoring solutions such as the LandAirSea SilverCloud GPS.


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