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The city of Atlanta is home to many of the biggest companies in the United States, and with its reputation as being a hub for transportation and business industry, the city continues to grow into an economic powerhouse. With nearly 80% of the countries’ Fortune 1000 companies making their presence felt and known in the Midtown Mile, any business or company that wants to be at the top needs to be in Atlanta. While being home to the busiest airport in the nation, and the Braves baseball team, the city of Atlanta has seen an increase in productivity, production, and efficiency with the assistance of tracking devices that use GPS tracking and navigation technology.

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The city of Atlanta is where Coke-Cola, NAPA Auto Parts, Delta Airlines, and many other major corporations are headquartered. However, many people may not be aware of how GPS tracking systems help these companies improve operations, allowing them to reach the pinnacle of their industries. For example, Coke-Cola distribution trucks use live monitoring devices such as the Everlast Nano to improve fleet management, giving the company the ability to access the locations of drivers working in the field.

NAPA, one of the biggest names in the auto parts industry, not only has franchise dealers who use GPS tracking systems such as the SpaceHawek GPS to monitor employees driving company vehicles, but many franchise dealers actually resell the car tracking systems.

Companies involved in the airline industry are also using GPS tracking and navigation devices for a variety of applications from the monitoring of ground crews to aviation-related activities.

Atlanta has always been a popular tourist attraction, but with some of the cities’ biggest corporations using vehicle trackers to improve operations, the city will continue to flourish and grow.