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Hidden GPS Tracking DeviceAlthough the city of Buffalo may not receive the attention that other cities in New York such as Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens receive, the Western city that sits on the shores of one of the Great Lakes is continuing to grow. With a population of roughly 300,000 calling the city of Buffalo home, there has been an increase in demand for GPS tracking systems among snow plow companies and city operations during the cold months of Winter. By utilizing vehicle tracking technology, more and more private snowplow operations, as well as street maintenance employees working under city management, are boosting abilities.

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The city of Buffalo is lucky in the sense that it is centered near some natural resources such as Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and the Niagara River, helping Buffalo businesses working in distribution or manufacturing. However, being nestled in the Northeast near massive bodies of water can also present hurdles. Nothing emphasizes this more than during the winter months when snowstorms frequently ambush the people of Buffalo, making snow removal a top priority.

Effectively clearing, salting, and opening up the roadways of a metropolitan city during the harsh winter months can be a very difficult job. Making sure that every major city street to the streets located in neighborhood suburbs can involve extensive planning and mapping, but what is making the process come easier is GPS tracking technology.

Already widely recognized as the best way to improve fleet management strategies, GPS fleet tracking systems are making the winter months in Buffalo a little less stressful for motorists. With the use of GPS trackers, private snowplow companies and snowplows operating under the direct supervision of the city are able to ensure every city road is cleared for motorists traveling to work. These real-time devices, such as the SilverCloud GPS, make it easy for city officials to remotely access GPS data and route or reroute any snowplows operating in the field. The GPS monitoring systems also allow the city of Buffalo to document the mileage of snowplow drivers, view the streets that are still not cleared and quickly identify if a snowplow driver is having vehicle maintenance issues.

GPS tracking systems help the city of Buffalo save money by quickly and effectively clearing the pathways of streets without having to pay excessive amounts of overtime. Unfortunately, the vehicle tracking technology was not available to assist the city in 1977 when one of the worst blizzards on record hit Buffalo.