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Canadian_FlagCanadian consumers looking for a real-time GPS tracking solution should be pleased to know that the highly successful and technologically sophisticated SilverCloud GPS system has the ability to function and operate flawlessly in Canada from sea to sea!

Making its debut in the American market in 2009, the SilverCloud tracking system has built a reputation as being one of the most efficient and reliable personal tracking systems available to consumers, law enforcement agencies and businesses. Providing real-time updates either every 5 or 10 seconds depending on the consumer’s needs, the SilverCloud tracking system’s GPS tracking data can be accessed from any personal computer that has the capacity to access the Internet.

GPS Tracking In Canada

How the SilverCloud tracking system works in Canada is that it works primarily upon Rogers Communication services. If the SilverCloud tracking system is in an area where Rogers cellular coverage is weak the GPS tracker will connect to other alternative GSM communication cellular towers. The SilverCloud tracking system utilizes GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) technology to transmit position in real-time. Since the SilverCloud uses GSM the tracking system is dependent upon a SIM card to store GPS tracking information.

If the SilverCloud tracking system is in an extremely remote area in Canada the GPS car tracker will still be able to record a vehicle’s positions, however, the tracking system will not be able to transmit the recorded GPS tracking data until the vehicle tracking device re-enters GSM cellular coverage. At that time all the previously stored GPS tracking data can be accessed.

If the SilverCloud user crosses the Canadian border into the United States they should be comforted to know that their will be no lapse in coverage as the transition to American GSM networks will be seamless. The primary GSM network in the United States is AT&T, therefore, as soon as the SilverCloud crosses into American cellular coverage the SilverCloud will disconnect from Rogers cellular service and connect to the primary GSM network in the United States.

Canadian consumers looking for a real-time GPS tracking solution will not have to look beyond the SilverCloud to find the answer to their GPS tracking needs!