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How GPS Trackers Are Helping The People Of Dallas

In the early part of the 20th century, the city of Dallas was widely recognized as the king of cotton, producing machinery and manufacturing equipment for cotton gin that was used all across the globe. At that time, Texas was supplying nearly 30% of the country’s cotton with most of that white gold being harvested in the areas surrounding Dallas. However, times eventually changed and so did the Dallas economy, becoming more dependent on petroleum and corporations. Now that the Dallas economy has made a dynamic shift, more and more businesses in the southwestern metropolis are finding the benefits of GPS tracking devices.

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Not only was Dallas a huge cotton producer in its hay day, but the city was also a manufacturing hub. Although the city still has many jobs centered around the manufacturing industry, Dallas is much more recognized now as a big player in the telecommunications industry. Holding the title “The Silicon Prairie“, Dallas and surrounding cities are now where approximately 20 Fortune 500 companies keep headquarters. With a large number of companies operating in the Dallas area being involved in the telecommunications industry, GPS tracking system technology is quickly finding a home in the southwestern economic powerhouse.

GPS tracking devices are used for fleet management purposes by businesses all across the globe. With many Dallas technology companies such as Texas Instruments and Nokia manufacturing and shipping equipment out of the Dallas area, having a method to monitor shipments and delivery vehicles can be crucial. GPS tracking systems provide the bridge from a company hoping employees are being produced to a company being completely networked and connected.

Real-time monitoring solutions such as the SpaceHawk provide businesses a way to locate, route and dispatch vehicles in the field with precision. Real-time GPS trackers and data logging units such as the GPS Tracking Key also can accurately store mileage driven, giving businesses a quick way to log tax-deductible mileage.

The saying is that everything is big in Texas, but with GPS tracking devices helping the city of Dallas, businesses are becoming more connected and efficient, making the world smaller.