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The best Live GPS tracker according to businesses throughout the Big Island, SpaceHawk is a mini car tracking device that allows you to secretly track someone’s car without them ever knowing. Get the answers you need in real time from your computer, iPhone or Android device, and let the fact’s do the talking!

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The capital of Hawaii, Honolulu is a densely populated state that has to deal with many of the same problems facing major cities in the continental United States. However, the city also has some of the most beautiful weather, with an average temperature of 84 degrees Fahrenheit per year, and amenities that are unique only to the island city. With tourists everywhere validating the city’s beauty by flocking to Honolulu in high numbers every year, the city has put a heavy emphasis on tourism and transportation. This is why the people in Honolulu have shown such an interest in GPS tracking and monitoring devices.

Honolulu has a vast transportation network that includes Honolulu International Airport, Pali Highway, Kamehameha Highway, the transportation bus system, and more. The airports bring the tourists to Honolulu, highways connect them to sites of interest and the bus network provides a cost-effective way of travel. In fact, the bus system in Honolulu is so effective and efficient that the American Public Transportation Association voted it the best transit system in the country twice! Overseeing fleet management operations of over 500 buses can be a difficult task for any city transportation official, but through the use of GPS fleet tracking systems, improving transportation has been a much easier task.

GPS vehicle tracking units allow cities such as Honolulu the advantage of knowing where every bus operating on the island is located, where the bus has been, the speeds a bus was moving, and more. Not to mention, all of this data can be displayed over a simple to use a web-based platform, allowing the fleet manager to view all buses in operation at the same time! Therefore, if an accident occurred or traffic congestion is causing delays, transportation officials can access driving information in real-time and reroute buses or dispatch reinforcements.

GPS tracking devices such as SpaceHawk allow this GPS information to be accessed from the comfort of a home base station with Internet capabilities, or via mobile phone. Whereas, data loggers provide a digital record of driving data that can be reviewed at a later time. Overwhelmingly, people prefer real-time GPS tracking compared to logging devices. Regardless of the type of monitoring solution, the data obtained from satellite-guided devices that record driving activity are immensely effective at improving vehicle management strategies.

Honolulu is one of the most gorgeous destinations in the entire world, offering people pristine beaches and sunny weather. Thankfully, GPS tracking system technology allows tourists to move fluently throughout the city, allowing visitors to spend more time relaxing and less time being stuck in traffic.

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