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How GPS Trackers Improve Southern California Port City

Nestled on the northern border of Orange County and the southern border of Los Angeles County, the city of Long Beach is one of the economic powerhouses in the golden state. Having one of the largest ports in the entire world, Long Beach is a haven for commerce, trade, and industry. Although the city of Long Beach is the 36th most money-generating state in the country the city also holds the dubious distinction as the 22nd most dangerous city in the United States. With crime being one of the top concerns of all people living and working in the city of Long Beach, police are maximizing efforts against crime by utilizing GPS tracking system technology.

Home of the Queen Mary and the popular musical group Sublime, Long Beach is a diverse city that offers theatre, bike trails, universities, cultural events, and more. Although there are many beautiful places in Long Beach and a variety of activities for tourists and locals to partake in, the city also has a dark side.

Long Beach is home to many of the most brutal and violent gangs in the country including the Crips and Longos. With the city being so large and law enforcement budgets constantly being cut in the wake of the Great Recession, the Long Beach Police Department is finding help in the form of GPS tracking devices.

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GPS trackers are a great tool for police departments, especially those working in a region where crime is high and resources are low. With California being one of the states hit hardest by the recession, many police departments, including the Long Beach Police Department, are feeling the pinch. However, with the help of monitoring tools such as GPS tracking devices and other surveillance devices police are able to follow bad guys without paying costly overtime pay or placing officers in the line of danger.

With crime statistics in Long Beach showing the brutality of gang members, local law enforcement is slowly gaining the upper hand on criminals in the LBC thanks to vehicle tracking devices.

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