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The city of Oakland is most known for it’s reputation as being a tough, hard-nosed city. Even the football team that resides in the Northern California city, the Oakland Raiders have always carried the persona as a team of outlaws, misfits and outcasts who play tough, rough and sometimes penalty causing football. Unfortunately, the city of Oakland does have more than it’s fair share of crime-related problems, posting nearly 150 murders and 8000 violent crimes in 2006 alone according to crime statistics. Although violent and gang-related crimes are a constant source of frustration for many of the law enforcement agencies operating in the Oakland area, some police forces are using GPS tracking system technology to help assist in the fight on crime.

Oakland, also known as Oaktown and The O, has a long standing problem with gang-related violence, causing tourism boards in the area to inform people traveling to Oakland to avoid certain neighborhoods because of possible violence. However, some gang task forces and other police agencies operating in the Oakland area are now using tracking devices that use GPS satellite technology to help in investigative work to give them an edge.

Although police forces across the globe use a variety of vehicle tracking devices and other personal GPS tracking units to bring bad guys to justice, some of the more popular GPS trackers include:

  1. GPS Tracking Key
  2. Flashback GPS Tracker
  3. SilverCloud Tracking System

With an estimated 10,000 gang members operating in the Oakland area, local police need every bit of help law enforcement can get, and that is why GPS tracking and monitoring devices play such a vital role in the investigative process. Specifically, police GPS trackers for squad cars and surveillance.

Since a GPS tracker can record the location of gang members and everywhere gang members have been, the GPS devices can help police build evidence and cases against criminals without putting the lives of police officers in harm’s way.

Oakland police will continue to fight the good fight in the bay area city, and hopefully with the dedication of officers and implementation of GPS tracking system programs Oakland can once again be a safe place for all.