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Progress Is Nothing New For Paterson

Paterson, New Jersey is a city that has a rich history dating back to colonial times and was a key player in the Industrial Revolution. Paterson has always been a town that has cultivated its own success, dating back to when Alexander Hamilton set the groundwork for the Paterson region to take advantage of the natural resources in the area, turning the Great Falls of the Passaic into an energy producer. Paterson later became one of the stages for the Industrial Revolution, becoming a center for manufacturing and home to many immigrants looking to improve their way of life. Today, Paterson is continuing the trend of innovation through the use of GPS tracking systems to improve business development in the region.

Paterson is home to nearly 150,000 New Jersey residents. Many of the locals spend their time hanging out in Downtown Paterson, The Great Falls Historic District, People’s Park, Bunker Hill, or one of the many other neighborhoods or industrial areas that make up the New Jersey city. However, with business and industry being the driving force behind the very diverse community of Paterson, GPS vehicle tracking systems are one way that the city can continue to progress and advance business operations.

Real-time tracking technology has provided the fleet management solution for numerous businesses in the melting pot community that is Paterson. Accessing traveled routes, maintenance records, employee locations and more are all easily attainable through the use of vehicle tracking technology. Having the ability to access all this data from remote locations results in the ultimate GPS fleet tracking and management solution. As one business owner in Paterson put it, “Why wouldn’t I want to audit performance and driving activity if I had the ability?

Business GPS Tracker systems may not result in the next industrial or tech revolution in the New Jersey city of Paterson, but the monitoring and observation technology will most certainly allow companies large and small operating in the region to maximize profit while reducing wasteful spending.

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