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GPS Tracking Systems to Help Louisiana


GPS Tracking Systems Could Begin Tracking City Vehicles

truck-driverThe 2009-2010 Lafayette Consolidated Government budget will be examined later tonight by city officials with many eyes watching to see how members will vote on a $275,000 proposal that would result in GPS tracking systems being installed  upon government vehicles, and a $120,000 proposal to equip GPS tracking systems onto Lafayette Utilities vehicles. If city officials give the proposal the green light, GPS tracking systems could begin monitoring government vehicles within months.

The first step that would occur if the GPS tracking system proposal passed would be an issued Request For Proposals, or RFP. This is where GPS tracking companies would give bids to try and persuade the city that their vehicle tracking systems were the most functional or cost-effective, depending on what the city council’s requirements are.

The city council stated that they are looking at using GPS tracking systems on approximately 1500 vehicles or miscellaneous pieces of equipment and assets.

Joey Durel, the City-Parish President, said that he is hoping the GPS tracking systems will eventually monitor all city equipment from vehicles to weed eaters. Durel is hoping that:

Durel believes the GPS tracking system proposal will be passed and the result will be a more efficient and working government.


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