Best GPS Tracking System For Cars

GPS tracking systems have revolutionized the way people manage, safeguard, and connect with their automotive assets. From parents using GPS data loggers to determine how fast a teenage driver is going to companies using live GPS trackers for enhancing fleet efficiency, GPS tracking systems are providing the answer. With so many different car tracking devices on the market let our GPS tracking experts answer some of the most popular questions related to vehicle monitoring technology!

GPS Tracking Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Track My Car With GPS?

When equipped to a company vehicle or personal automotive asset, real time GPS trackers will transmit the live location of that vehicle 24/7. In order to see where a car is located all you would have to do is access the web-based GPS tracking software from a computer or real time GPS tracking app on your mobile phone. Real time GPS trackers require a monthly subscription since they send data.

Where Is The Best Place To Put A GPS Tracking System On A Car?

There are a number of really good places a person can hide a GPS tracker on a car. The top 5 places to put a GPS tracking system on a car include:

  • The Vehicle’s Glove Box
  • Professionally Installed Behind The Dashboard
  • Hidden Under A Car
  • Covertly Tucked Away Underneath A Seat
  • Inside a Speaker Cabinet

Can GPS Trackers Traced?

GPS data loggers such as the GPS Tracking Key do not have any identifying information or serial numbers. Real time GPS trackers do require a monthly subscription obligation and have registered serial numbers, but GPS tracking companies would never release any private customer information without a police warrant.

Is It Illegal To Track Your Spouse?

The real question regarding the legality of tracking a spouse is whose vehicle are you going to be placing the GPS tracking system on? You have every right to hide a GPS tracker on a vehicle in your name even if your wife or husband is the person who drives the automobile. However, if you have any concerns about the law when it comes to GPS tracking we highly recommend you contact your local law enforcement department as well as an attorney in your area for more specifics regarding the use of GPS trackers in your area.

What Is The Best GPS Data Logger?

According to reviews, performance, and expert opinions, the best GPS data logger on the market is the PlayBack GPS because it is waterproof, tracks every second, has the longest battery-life of any no monthly fee GPS tracker, and was engineered with a magnetic mount.

Best Real Time GPS Tracker App?

SilverCloud online is the free app associated is associated with the top-selling real time GPS trackers SpaceHawk and SilverCloud. What makes SilverCloud the best real time GPS tracker app is that it is user-friendly, free for download, and makes it easy to track any vehicle in real time.

How Accurate Is GPS Tracking?

GPS tracking accuracy can be affected by a number of different factors such as urban canyon environments, mountains, cellular coverage, placement of the GPS tracker and other events. However, when a GPS tracking system is placed in an ideal location the accuracy is within 6 feet, making GPS tracking highly accurate.

Can You Put A Tracker On A Company Car?

Employers often wonder what the legality is regarding GPS tracking devices on company vehicles. The truth is if the company vehicles are in your name then you have every right to equip those assets with GPS tracking devices or any hardware that could boost automotive security. However, placing a GPS tracking system on a car that is not in your name would have legal and privacy implications.

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