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GPS Tracking Your Teen

teen-textingEvery parent is aware of teenage infatuation of cellular technology. Teenagers are now sending and receiving text messages throughout the day, making calls in between classes, and updating status and mood on social networking sites all via their handy cell phones. Due to the growing number of cell phones owned by teenagers, researchers are now looking at monitoring the communication devices via tracking system enabled GPS chips to help keep teenagers safe when they are outside of home and school. The tracking system research study involves 15 teenage girls in the Indiana area.

Tracking System Experiment

When the study began, researchers found that the teenage girls had no issue carrying their cell phones everywhere they went. The GPS tracking system enabled cell phones recorded the girl’s movements for one week straight. Researchers conducting the experiment hoped to acquire knowledge about the potential health risks and compromising situations teens paced themselves in. Sarah Wiehe, a professor of pediatrics at Indiana University, explained that the GPS tracking technology that is now commonplace in almost every cellular phone can help parents and family members learn about where a teen or adolescent is spending their time. The information can be invaluable and possibly life-saving in certain scenarios.

Scientists and behavioral analysts all agree that school, friends, other peers, and home environment all have a direct impact on teen health. Although most studies conducted in the past emphasize school and home, most teenagers spend numerous hours away from those two settings, creating unaccounted factors or variables in most research studies.

“GPS tracking system enabled phones will allow parents the ability to follow and account for all teen travels, reducing the risk of potentially harmful behavior”, explained Wiehe.

Cell-Phone GPS Tracking Flaws

Parents should be aware that real time GPS tracking a cell phone is not full-proof. Participants in the research study were compensated to keep their cell phones on them as they went through their daily rituals. In a real-world scenario a teenager could turn off their phone or leave it at a friend’s house, creating the illusion that they are safe when in reality they could be at a party or somewhere else.

Currently, teen GPS tracking systems that can be connected or placed into a vehicle are the most full-proof tracking systems available on the market.

With the many flaws and shortcomings of GPS tracking cell phone features, would you use them to track your teen?

Source: Reuters