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What Would We Learn About Stress Before The Big Game?

With the BCS championship game only hours away, both the Texas Longhorns and Alabama Crimson Tide are making their final preparations and running through final practice drills. The NCAA BCS championship game, which places the #1 and #2 ranked football teams in the country on a neutral field to face-off for college football supremacy has brought exciting matchups and intense games over its existence. One team will go down in history as the best team for the 2009-2010 season, receiving football immortality, while the other team will fade away in time. All players will feel the pressure of playing in the nationally televised game, making it more difficult to focus and stick to the game plan the coaches have set. With pressure comes stress management, and how do these intense competitors deal with the stress? If a player from one of the teams took GPS tracking system with them, recording every move they made in real-time, what would the GPS tracking data tell us about how player’s deal with stress?

Two players who received the most attention during the pregame interviews and on media day wereTexas quarterback Colt McCoy and Alabama running back Mark Ingram, Heisman Trophy winner. Other than maybe the coaches, these two men are probably dealing with more pressure and pregame jitters than anyone else involved in the championship game. With both players receiving so much attention and scrutiny, many people wonder how the two men can stay so calm and focused before the game. Tracking System Direct presented the question if both men carried live GPS trackers what would the GPS tracking data say?

Personal GPS tracking systems can record detailed information regarding the location and position of a vehicle, animal, or person. If either McCoy or Ingram kept a GPS tracker in their possession would the GPS tracking data show the players spending additional time in the gym lifting weights?

Would the GPS tracking data show the two young men enjoying life and relaxing in the sunny California area?

Would the GPS tracking data show the men spending their time in their hotel rooms studying videotape of the opposing team?

Although a fan could never really understand how a player deals with pressure and stress related to a championship game if a player kept a tracking system with the people might have some idea of how the player manages the stress.

Alabama and Texas are sure to provide an entertaining and exciting game later tonight at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. Tracking System Direct hopes that no players get hurt and the referees let the players play.