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GPS Tracking The Patriot Flag

SilverCloud GPS Used To Monitor Patriot Flag Tour

How GPS Is Allowing People To Observe Flag Tour

With the 4th of July holiday weekend descending upon us, Tracking System Direct (TSD) would like to bring attention to a very unique and patriotic event that has been going on and will continue to go on until its conclusion on 9/11 later this year. The event is known as the Patriot Flag Tour, which is essentially a nationwide tour of a large American flag, symbolizing freedom while paying respect to all of the brave servicemen and women who lost their lives defending this great country. In honor and recognition of all of the military personnel who have stood on the principles of liberty and freedom, TSD felt it was necessary to bring attention to a cause that embodied and united every branch of the American Armed Forces, the American flag. Looking to learn more about the Patriot Flag Tour, one of the TSD fleet tracking experts got in contact with a key figure behind the Patriot Flag Tour, Mitch Mendler, to discuss the catalyst for the tour’s creation, the evolution of the tour, and of course the goals and objectives of the tour. Mendler was kind enough to grant us an exclusive online interview where we were able to ask him some of the more popular questions regarding the tour. Below is the online interview in its entirety.

Patriot Tour Interview

What is the “Patriot Flag” and why is it important?

The Patriot Flag should garner no more respect than the flag at the local library, fire station, or post office. It is a BIG Flag that sends out a BIG Message. The symbol of the flag is freedom and many have laid down their lives for the Red, White, and Blue.

What sparked the idea behind the tour?

The idea was formulated at a funeral for a WWII Veteran in Oceanside CA. Out of a casual conversation about Old Glory, this project evolved.

What made you want to use real-time GPS tracking for the tour?

The idea behind GPS tracking the flag was due to our need as well as our extensive volunteer-based partners to get a real-time source for where the flag is at any given time. I also imagine the news media will use it to find and track us, especially on 9/11/11

How long will the tour last?

The tour will conclude on 9/11/11 in NYC, however, we will fly the flag a few more times before it is retired in Southern California (Escondido, CA).

Will you continue to do additional tours in the future, and if so, do you intend on continuing to use GPS tracking technology?

There is a new flag, yet to be officially named, that will honor the fallen at funerals and memorials for the Armed Forces and public safety personnel. We could use the SilverCloud vehicle tracking system to help us with logistics. We also will be transporting an 800 lb. piece of the World Trade Center (WTC) in our semi-trailer beginning on 9/08/11. We could use an additional device for that transport for a few days until we are finished with The Patriot Flag Tour. At that time, the device could be transferred to one or both of these new projects that the charity will embark on.

Do you feel this tour has more significance now that Osama Bin Laden has been killed?

The death of Bin Laden has had no effect on the flag or the tour. I am sorry to say that we had to do what we had to do as a nation, but it is what it is. From a charity standpoint, the death of anyone is not something we condone for any reason. That said, the news of his demise did bring about a sense of newsworthy comments for about one week after he was killed by Navy Seal Team Six. The comments frequently occurred at some of our events and flag displays.

How can people get more information about your cause and the tour?

Is there anything you would like for people to know about the tour or any sponsors you would like to mention?

We invite anyone interested in learning more about the tour to visit the website. All of the info is there as well as over 200 images of Old Glory flying proudly. We are also grateful for the support of every organization that brings attention to this important and valuable cause.

Tracking System Direct would once again like to thank Mendler and the people behind the Patriot Flag Tour for their efforts to bring attention to the values of the American flag, as well as their participation and assistance with this online interview. People interested in observing the progress of the tour can visit the Patriot Flag Tour website to gain public tracking access to live location-based GPS data on the exact position and historical positions of the flag.

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