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Tracking Systems Improve Security During Super Bowl

Surveillance And Security Heightened As Super Bowl Nears

After the New York Jets completely spanked the Cincinnati Bengals for a second consecutive week it was clear that the NFL playoffs were in full bloom. Currently, only the Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints, Arizona Cardinals, New York Jets, Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts and San Diego Chargers have a chance to win the Super Bowl in February and seal a spot in football immortality. What many fans may not know about their favorite NFL teams, players and venues is that during the playoff season all receive additional security. In fact, it is said that during the Super Bowl that being inside the stadium is like being in the safest place in the nation because of all the security. This year the Super Bowl is being held in Tampa Bay, Florida, and it is estimated that the city will spend almost  $400,000 on security for the big game, investing in additional law enforcement personnel and surveillance tools such as GPS tracking devices.

The local Tampa law enforcement agencies intend on securing the stadium where the Super Bowl is being held by setting up a “Virtual Dome”, protecting the venue on the land, surrounding airspace and more. GPS tracking systems will be used by police for fleet management, mobilization and deployment, and the GPS trackers will also be utilized to monitor the buses and limos carrying the NFL players and coaches.

Fans should expect longer waits in line and less tolerant security guards during the playoffs and Super Bowl as security measures will be increased and tension will likely be high among security staff. However, fans can also rest assured that law enforcement and security will be using the most sophisticated surveillance and monitoring devices such as GPS tracking systems to ensure the safety of all attending fans.

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Should the NFL split the cost of additional security with the hosting Super Bowl city, or does the additional revenue the city brings in from the event justify the cost?

Tracking System Prediction

Only 8 teams now remain in the playoffs and their can only be one winner. From the NFC conference, this tracking system expert believes the team who will prevail is the Minnesota Vikings. From the AFC conference, the AFC West champion San Diego Chargers will be booking their flight to Tampa to play in the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Prediction

San Diego Chargers 34 Minnesota Vikings 28

Source: CBS News