GPS Tracking To Aid Recovery And Rescue


Haiti Disaster Leaves World Stunned

Volunteers And Rescue Workers Use GPS Tracking To Save Lives

Help_HaitiAfter the earth shook, buildings fell and people were left injured and homeless, it was clear that the people of Haiti would never be the same. One of the most impoverished countries in Central America was already struggling economically before the January 12th magnitude 7.0 earthquake shook the Caribbean nation, leaving potentially 200,000 people dead and an entire world shocked.

With the nation straining to provide adequate medical care, housing, food and clean water to victims of the quake, it is evident that the need for assistance is great. One Red Cross volunteer who arrived near the epicenter of the natural disaster in Port-au Prince stated that the earthquake had flattened homes, destroyed spirits and left an entire country in despair. Now that the majority of the country is left in ruin the cleanup and rescue process has begun.

Unlike the people in the United States, less than 1% of Haitians own or have used a cellular phone, making it impossible to locate victims via GPS tracking chips. Without having the ability to monitor GPS tracking chips in cellular phones, coordinating search and rescue efforts in one of the poorest nations can be extremely difficult. Rescuers have to dig through rubble and concrete to find the injured and the dead.

How GPS Tracking Will Help Haiti

Many of the rescue vehicles being shipped into Haiti to participate in the recovery effort may be equipped with GPS tracking devices that will help improve the fleet management operations of the emergency response teams.

Another way GPS systems will help foreign and domestic rescue workers is the devices will be used to help map out areas of destruction on a geographic grid, allowing search teams to ensure they do not comb over the same areas twice and maximize rescue efforts.

The damage caused by the great quake will have a lasting effect on the Haitian government and the people for many years to come. The country will eventually be rebuilt and restored, but the lives of the individuals who lived through the disaster will be forever changed.

People wanting to help the rescue effort and people of Haiti by making a donation can do so at Help Haiti Now. All donations will go towards providing medicine, clean water, food and shelter to the people suffering. Even the smallest donation can make a difference in an area where the average person lives off $2 a day.