GPS Tracking To Recover Stolen Merchandise

GPS Tracking Systems Safeguard Valuables

Utilizing Technology

Salespeople, couriers, designers and retailers who transport or stock high end jewelry or expensive jewels are at a great risk for being robbed. Thieves have become so sophisticated that they will stake out jewelry or trade shows or a high end store, watching for the right opportunity. Anyone who transports jewelry is at risk. Also at risk are business owners who stock a variety of frequently stolen, lucrative items such as tools and laptops.

GPS tracking uses the Global Positioning System to pinpoint the exact location of whatever it is attached to — suitcase, vehicle or person – and to record that position. The position is then displayed on a map and monitored via computer.

Recently a woodcrafting store owner, frustrated by having had tools stolen from his store, decided to take matters into his own hands. Using GPS devices that he sold in his store, he affixed them to the most frequently stolen items. He didn’t have to wait long before one of the tools was stolen and the GPS tracking device indicated a location within a half mile of his business. His merchandise was recovered by law enforcement the next day and a suspect was identified, although the suspect is still at large. However, his business is no doubt immune to another break in by the same thief.

While a thief may succeed in stealing merchandise, if it is equipped with a GPS Tracking device he will not succeed in keeping it. The valuables will be tracked online and the location pinpointed, thereby enabling law enforcement to recover them. If you witness the theft, some devices come with a panic button that you can push to immediately notify authorities or your company.

If you transport or stock high end merchandise or frequently stolen items such as electronics and tools, investing in real time GPS tracking can give you some peace of mind and also some insurance against future thefts. The devices are magnetized to stick easily inside metal objects or they can be slipped into a suitcase or car being used to transport jewelry or other items. It’s estimated that 5% of laptops are stolen and only 3% are ever recovered; use a GPS tracking device to make sure that you are in that 3%. Aside from the obvious monetary loss, the data loss from a personal computer is invaluable and well worth protecting.