GPS Tracking Troubled Students


GPS Monitoring Troubled Teens At School

GPS Tracking Application Has Pros And Cons

troubled_teenTrouble making teens tend to be the kids who are in the most need of help, guidance and positive influence. Getting teens on the right track and path to success is vital during those most influential teenage years, for the lessons they learn during their teenage years help shape behaviors that will last a lifetime. So how involved should a school get into a teenager’s life to ensure a successful and growth-filled 4 year tenure at high school?

What some parents and school administrators have been discussing as a solution to help troubled teens at school is the use of GPS tracking systems to monitor a teen’s comings and goings during school hours.

Student GPS Trackers 

The preliminary discussions revolving the GPS tracking plan would require teens who are frequently involved in destructive behavior to wear anklets or bracelets equipped with GPS tracking chips. The troubled teens would then be monitored by school administrators to ensure the students are attending every class on the schedule, not being tardy and that they are not ditching class/ leaving school early. The hope of the GPS tracking system plan would be that troubled teens would not fall through the cracks. With every troubled teen being monitored with a live GPS tracker, some school administrators believe that the students will become more involved in school-related activity and academia that will influence a positive change.

GPS Tracking Teenagers

Clearly, any initiative involving high-tech surveillance may come with some resistance, but if you had a teen struggling with school who had a generally negative view toward academics and socialization how would you feel about school administrators monitoring your teen?

If GPS tracking initiatives became more popular in schools do you think parents should also have access to the GPS system data?

Would you be in favor of any initiative that would require high-risk or troubled teens to wear a GPS tracking or monitoring device?

Do you think a real time GPS could help shape a teen’s behavior in a positive way, or make them more accountable while at school?

Should parents be required to pay the monthly service for a GPS tracking device that their teen had to wear?