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Sefton To Use GPS Tracking Systems

In an effort to develop a more effective city workforce, Sefton council members passed a plan to begin introducing GPS tracking system technology to each city vehicle. The desired outcome is to have a more accountable and effective team of city employees overseeing Sefton’s work-related activities. However, the new GPS tracker measure has brought up a debate about worker’s privacy rights and accountability of tax payer’s money.

Vehicle Tracking Systems Become More Common

Vehicle tracking systems use GPS technology to locate position, time, and numerous other traveling related information that allows people to view the recorded travel data in real-time or after the travel has taken place. Many metropolitan, and even small cities, have been adapting vehicle tracking technology in an effort to remodel city fleets of vehicles, hoping to catch slacking workers who are taking advantage of their employer.

Vehicle Tracking System Debate

Many union members are taking aim at the GPS tracking plan because of a notion that the live GPS trackers were installed solely to collect personal information about an employee’s driving habits, but no policy was put in place regarding the plan. Union members main concerns are  that:

  • The GPS trackers were placed onto employee vehicles without proper consent.
  • An appropriate policy was not drawn up prior to the installation of the vehicle tracking systems.
  • Is spending money on auto tracking devices an appropriate way to spend taxpayer money?

Glenn Williams, a Sefton resident, said that he endorses any technology that will help improve business, but not at the cost of employee rights and freedoms. Many city employees share William’s point of view.

How the Council Views The Vehicle Tracking System Plan

Almost all council members share the same view that, initially, they had concerns over the plan, but after weighing out the positives and negatives there was an overwhelming sense that equipping the city vehicles with vehicle tracking systems was the responsible thing to do. Brenda Porter, a council member, said that she feels the GPS tracking devices will allow the city to get the best value from their from vehicles and that the residents will appreciate that the council is trying to get the most out of vehicles that are funded by taxpayer dollars.

Should Sefton council members have passed a plan to use car GPS trackers without first creating a policy on how the GPS systems would be used?

Do employees have the right to be frustrated over the vehicle tracking system plan?