GPS Tracking Under A Vehicle

Tracking System Placement

Will My GPS Tracker Work Under A Vehicle?

When most people purchase a GPS tracking system they want to place the device upon a vehicle in a covert fashion. Some people opt to have a car tracker permanently installed to the vehicle through the 12-volt system, while others will simply put batteries in the tracker and place the device in a covert spot in the automobile. The people who choose not to go with the hard-wire option will often find themselves thinking about where the best place to hide the car tracker would be without the person being tracked finding the unit. Although under the front seat, passenger seat or glove box tend to be some of the more popular choices of placement, one location many people may not be aware is a solid location is underneath the vehicle.

How Does A GPS Tracker Work Underneath A Vehicle?

Many people are shocked when they first hear that a vehicle tracking device could function properly when placed underneath an automobile. However, it is very important to note that not every GPS monitoring device has the ability to pick up signals when attached to the under belly of a vehicle. It takes superior antenna reception and design to have the ability to pick up GPS signals from underneath a vehicle. That is one of the engineering masterpieces about car trackers with no monthly fees. Not to mention, both of those GPS monitoring devices are designed with magnetic mounts, making it easy for anyone to simply magnetically attach the car tracker to the outside frame of a car. With a strong internal antenna and casing strong enough to handle many elemental conditions, these car tracking systems are able to catch GPS signals that bounce off the ground, storing the position-based data to internal memory.

Will The Magnetic Hold The GPS Tracker To The Vehicle?

Through some of the craziest off-road desert testing, our guys have never had a GPS unit dismount from a vehicle if it was properly attached to the frame of the automobile. The only way the device is going to be removed from the vehicle is if you or someone else takes it off.