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Postal Service Should Use GPS

What Time Does The Mailman Come – How GPS Tracking Could Help

In the rapidly changing landscape of mail and parcel delivery, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is poised to revolutionize its operations and reassert its relevance. The key? Implementing GPS tracking systems across its vast fleet of vehicles. By adopting this transformative technology, USPS could not only dramatically cut wasteful spending and increase operational efficiency, but also greatly enhance customer experience, delivering real-time insights into parcel locations and delivery times. This monumental shift could save the organization millions, breathe new life into its services, and ultimately reposition USPS as a leading player in the shipping industry. Buckle up as we delve into the remarkable benefits GPS tracking could bring to USPS’s massive operation.

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The Evolution of Mail Delivery

Remember the days when the United States Postal Service (USPS) ruled the mail and parcel delivery industry? Times have certainly changed. You now have alternatives like DHL, FedEx, and UPS to choose from. Aren’t those stamp prices a bit steep these days?

Do you ever get the feeling that USPS is falling behind its competitors who prioritize efficiency and fleet management? That might not be completely true. Even if businesses no longer view USPS as the gold standard, there’s still a chance for it to compete with major shipping carriers. How? By enhancing operations with GPS tracking systems to boost fleet efficiency and customer service.

USPS’s Potential With GPS Tracking Technology

Did you know that the USPS boasts one of the largest vehicle fleets (218,000+) nationwide? Despite this, financial records reveal that USPS has been operating at a loss for years. In 2010 alone, USPS’s revenue deficit hit $8.1 billion! So what’s the solution? USPS needs to cut internal wasteful spending and enhance customer experience. And GPS vehicle tracking systems could be the key.

Let’s imagine we plug 218,000 vehicles into a GPS tracking ROI calculator and set the gasoline cost at $3.00 per gallon. The result? A shocking amount of money lost from excessive fuel idling or employees misusing company time. But a vehicle tracking system could change all that. USPS would have the power to monitor every single one of the 218,000 mail trucks. Stuck in traffic? Recklessly driving? The GPS tracking strategy could save millions in revenue while boosting productivity and efficiency.

Public Access to Tracking: A Unique Approach

Business GPS tracking isn’t a new concept to fleet managers and companies with multiple mobile assets in the field. But have you considered the benefits of public access to driver locations? Imagine if postal trucks were equipped with real-time tracking systems, such as the SpyTec GL300. USPS could then offer you the chance to view the locations of postal workers delivering mail and parcels in your local area.

Many companies are now sharing tracking data transmitted from company vehicles to stay better connected with their customers. This data, usually accessible through a satellite mapping program like Google Earth, can be viewed directly on the company’s website.

Imagine going online, entering your postal zip code, and seeing exactly where your local neighborhood postal truck is. Wouldn’t it be convenient to know if your mail has already been delivered or is still on its way? And even better, you could access this GPS tracking data on your mobile phone while you’re away from home.

The Need for Change – USPS Should Adopt GPS Tracking

The USPS’s current business model is struggling. As the second-largest United States employer behind Wal-Mart, it’s losing billions of dollars annually. In order for the USPS to become profitable and relevant again, change is necessary. But who knows? With the help of GPS tracking systems, USPS could well be on its way to meeting the people’s postal and parcel shipping needs once more.

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