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Postal Service Should Use GPS

What Time Does The Mailman Come?

GPS Tracking USPS Trucks

There are very few things that are as special as receiving a letter from a friend or family member. Even though we now live in a time where society mostly communicates via email or Facebook posts, most people still say that receiving a hand-written letter is one of the most personal ways we can communicate with one another. Unfortunately, the only letters most of us now receive are utility bills, and if we do not empty our mailboxes within a day or two they will be filled to the top with junk mail.

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The mail that we receive has changed over the years, along with the people who now deliver it. Before, the United States Postal Service (USPS) dominated the parcel and mail delivery business, but now DHL, FedEx, and UPS are all alternatives for people to select from. Stamp prices have skyrocketed, and there is an overwhelmingly feeling, regardless if it may be true or not, that the USPS is inferior to the other big parcel shipping companies that focus on efficient streamlining and fleet management. Although most businesses no longer view USPS as the gold standard for parcel shipping, the USPS could more effectively compete with the Fortune 1000 shipping carriers who have a firm grasp of the industry by enhancing operations through the implementation of a strategy that would call upon GPS tracking systems to boost fleet efficiency and customer service.

GPS Trackers On USPS Vehicles

Many people may not be aware of this, but the USPS has one of the largest fleets of vehicles (218,000+) than any business in the entire nation. One thing most people do know is that, according to financial records and documentation released from the government agency, the USPS has been working in the red for years, as recent estimates for 2010 show USPS revenue being -8.1 billion dollars! With so much money being lost by the postal service, it makes sense that the government agency that also runs like a business should both cut internal wasteful spending and enhance the customer experience to gain repeat business. GPS vehicle tracking systems would allow the USPS to do both.

By using a GPS tracking ROI calculator, entering 218,000 vehicles, and setting gasoline costs at $3.00 per gallon, it is quick to see the staggering amount of money that is lost from excessive fuel idling or employees taking advantage of company time. Vehicle tracking systems would allow the USPS to oversee and monitor where every one of the 218,000 mail trucks is moving if postal workers are stuck in traffic if drivers are recklessly operating mail trucks and more. The GPS tracking strategy could result in millions of dollars in saved revenue, while also improving employee productivity and overall efficiency.

Business GPS tracking is a concept that is far from revolutionary or new to fleet managers and companies who have multiple mobile assets operating in the field, but the satellite monitoring technology also offers a unique way for businesses to conduct operations by allowing public access to driver locations. By equipping postal trucks with real-time tracking systems such as the SilverCloud GPS, the USPS would then have an avenue to allow customers to view the locations of postal workers delivering mail and parcels in their local area! In an effort to stay better connected with the customer, many companies are allowing people to have public access to tracking data that is transmitted from company vehicles. The data, which is usually in the form of a satellite mapping program such as Google Earth, is placed on the company website where it is accessible by anyone. How this could benefit the USPS is that people could go online to where the live tracking data is presented and enter their postal zip code. Once the postal code information is entered, customers and mail recipients would then be able to see where their local neighborhood postal truck is, allowing them to identify if the mail carrier has already delivered the mail, or is still en route.

The GPS tracking data would also be accessible by mobile phone for those who are away from their home computers.

The current business model of the USPS is failing, as every year billions of dollars are being lost by the second-largest United States employer behind Wal-Mart. Change needs to occur in order for the postal service to once again be profitable and a relevant solution for the people’s postal and parcel shipping needs.

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